Hair Style

My dear my channel if you argue pick up smashing up and click that if a kitchen Bell a pretty button thumbs up okay so I’m gonna count down five I mean ten nine eight okay but um and you better like this but give it away and if you do comment my my hashtag hashtag my ice but oh yeah.

I’m gonna come out ten nine eight seven five to take out your hair and make sure it’s not too bumpy like you just wake up in the morning and.

Don’t even brush your hair so make sure you brush your hair or at least not how to be bumpy oh gosh okay okay so I don’t know what I can’t hear that one ooh oh I on it two braids so first part your hair then you get one side and.

Then you like putting in a ponytail cuz here that’s gonna be for next time you say just get out of your way and y’all need you to upon each other this is how it looks.

You want to feel like this here goes okay so grab this so when we’ll split it up and do three different ones and that is you’ll start braiding it and so once I’m never eating it I’ll turn this back on but for now I’m not positing I’m gonna get both of them done on to the next.
Braid see you there all done I just found out my.

Aunt’s coming here someday you’ll be able to meet them but so those by my braids and it’s just for like a lazy day or a day day you know how to do either hair I might post a video of how to do a French braid I mean I learned and I taught my mom and she did it.

Way better of a but I hope my sister will help me she’s doing a YouTube video right there but I hope my sister can help me cuz she’s like kind of me my little dummy so I’m doing it and it’s pretty simple if you learn okay so.

I’m gonna do another video with my aunt so I hope do you like this.

Video and by my mais okay I hope I see you next time please wash my baby I’m on post I’m like every week or something but please watch my videos I’ll post them as much as I can bye but right.