Most Unbelievable Blowouts In Sports History

What are the biggest blowouts in all of sports you might be asking well brett erlich and i have the answers for you these chicago bears in 1940 beat washington 73 nothing 73 nothing and here’s their team celebrating as many people do this season against Washington how about in the World Cup when Brazil hit me with some music part.

I’m on the World Cup when Brazil demolished I see if it got demolished by Germany in.

Brazil that’s what makes it worse right thank you that’s what makes it worse yes what when you’re when.

You have your home team when you are the home team representing your country and you get killed in your own country you’re supposed to have a.

Home-field advantage and it’s like even that it surges your scores typically in your medal count when it’s in the Olympics mmm and your scores when you’re in the World Cup and that’s why vitomir Putin decides.

To dope up all of his athletes because he doesn’t want to have a Brazil happening how about the NBA the record was held by the Miami Heat.

And still is when they defeated excuse me the Cavs beat the heat by 68 points 148 to 80 we have the box scores this is the.

Heats box score which is very sad only two players were in double figures at Glen Rice was on that team and then the Cleveland Larry Nance seizure by the way of course Larry Nance senior was on that team Mark Price was on that team 8 of 10 from the field Henry James was shooting 50% Steve Kerr all the way at the bottom with of gnarly 5 points when curse dropping five at that stage that’s when you know just let him in.

How about Tiger Woods in that game at the Oh separate sport got it I’m at the US Open Tiger.

Woods won by 15 strokes at Pebble Beach and then it just started it started something that we’ll never see again unfortunately it’s true I remember the British Open won I remember when he won the US Open playing on a broken leg I know sorry torn ACL and beat Rocco Mediate and a playoff the.

Next though my god D here’s what all I took off summer school for that I.

Was like I’m going to school I’m watching golf what was something no mean there’s the ban is his first name I forget his last name the announcer on golf in that era Ben it was the best person to say someone’s name and it was him going Rocco Mediate Rocco Mediate it’s just the best Rocco Mediate Rocco Mediate Luca drops it in from there’s one more that I wanted to point out what that bears won this is a graphic 49 Washington had another big problem.

In the fourth quarter they were running out of footballs at the time no stadium had nets behind the goalposts so the extra point in field goal attempts sailed into the stands the Washington fans wouldn’t give them up I.

Mean why not you’re watching your team get absolutely obliterated at your home stadium yeah I’m gonna keep a little mini football there little balls out um what do you know about ray think did he do it which part after that uh no.

I mean anyways I would like to I would just.

Like to say that was a really fun experience with you to go through those thank you what.

Do you ever get mercy ruled when you were a kid no never got mercy rule no not in lolis we had pretty good team they still have it in in college.