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This is Junta television and you are watching the W Namaskar I am rudabeh so see currently the world politics has been said to be lenient to the righteous moment left is the moment world wise had been in the receiving side recently but in the different part of the world leftist parties are coming to the power and they are.

Gaining some majority in the people as well today to discuss left politics world left politics Indian left politics Indian politics and relationship between Nepal and India we are with us General Secretary of the Communist Party of india-marxist Sita Ram patchouli which was we were welcome to also thank.

You thank you as I said in the beginning that internationally these days rightist forces are gaining power all right and the left history deceiving in though there are some somewhere gaining in the Navy near.

European countries like Latin America some are sometimes South East as well but what what is the your your view about the current scenario of the world politics and the leftist movement now you have absolutely right.

When there is a very distinct political rightward shift in world politics whether.

It is election of Donald Trump in the USA over the that of the challenge put up by the Marley.

Pond and France or the alternative for Deutschland it was actually a neo-fascist fascist organization in Germany and you’ll find it all across all across the globe the reason why this is acting according to us is because it is an expression of the crisis of global capitalism now.

Neoliberalism has a theory as a philosophy rule the roost there post-soviet you didn’t collapse in the end of the Cold War and its objective was profit maximization in the process of the profit maximization inequalities grew tremendously which are one of the highest that the human civilization is seen in recent period now this.

Inequalities means what at the other end the purchasing power in the hands of the people is shrinking profits are.
Being are expanding but profits can continue to.

People buy what is produced but they don’t have money that is the genesis of the crisis so you tried all.

Sorts of things you gave them cheap credit to bail them out when they could pay back those loans the whole Wall Street collapse occurred though from that you are trying to regain by bailing out the banks so corporate insolvency were converted into sovereign insolvencies when the governments bailed out but the government themselves became solvent insolvent now that is the biggest problem your debt GDP ratio is now 52 percent on an average in the world compared to an average of 34 percent before your crisis hit you as a result.

What will this new liberal philosophy that guided cat were global capitalism he is actually in a severe crisis now this is having a political fallout people are getting disenchanted right political right.

Stop that discontent moving into left channels and what is that is why you just live for an example of Donald Trump’s slogans is that all these foreigners are coming and taking away your jobs to the American people so immigration stop visa restrictions and and that is giving rise to xenophobia and racism.