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And and then all bad on this set of pitches but the plane to their strengths simple betting now with that Monroe back on strike let’s get out of the blocks early here Walker and the stats gurus Col Monroe never been dismissed by a left nav spinner in t20 cricket he’s got a thick of a strike rate to just quietly confirmation their dungeon cinder first one.

Gone 13 without loss McAlpine perfect said get down to myself in davara butcher elegant touch my my state my fate Berger Paints trusted worldwide her.

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Life chorionic the Sun must racers Eva we artist reading most definitely it would have been discussed gotta make the most of this power play with a new seed sliding on whether it’s spin or pace.

Should skid on okay well Pakistan had a wonderful last vehicle saw where they played Australia at three games three t20 games and nor the playing New Zealand they won all four games it’s good enough at this he might have been a little bit of a pitching wedge but it’s one bouncer for well he’s made up his mind that he’s not.

Gonna spare anything anything even board is gonna go after he’s so strong when it’s been is hitting on the old side sort of a length Blanding his front leg and then just hitting it over Madan the weight going forward.

Wonderful stroke good control on that it’s Santa pretty good as well and is back to back boundaries here for Monroe well who says that it’s important to play with the full face of the bat display nice and straight have a.

Look at Monroe this all cross valid but he’s just keeping so still and hitting it so nicely this one even just a little outside the off stahma to enough root to freeze arms and across bat through that mid often cover region there’s a little clever piece of bowling here from faheen yeah very clever but also.

On the back foot has been hit a couple of boundaries now.

He’s got a he’s are not surviving more days just want to get over this over and and try to ball those last two deliveries without any more damage there’s got to bring on his slower ones or a bouncer he’s got to do different he can’t really ball that length because Colin Monroe is really going after him he’s a ring.

Go now where would you bowl here you wonder guy disappeared a little bit a couple of it was but he finished off well I think I’ll go with Shahin I know he’s been balling late in the order has been boiling after 10 overs but I’ll bring him on now because his tall is you get that extra bouncer Monroe because it’s playing cross back we need more as soon as possible till the time.

He’s here on the page bring him on foot back well chicken half of the over I call you back in five minutes where are you my five minute art to our talk new color color on the hair oil is making Hollis are now call Akula unlock akumal Pakistan key number one data networks on Fuji say.
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