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Way to go besides and white they’ll cricket especially.

Monroe miss is known affectionately top of the order wonderful stats the easy a pretty good time of it in the last twelve months or so and so the powerful left-hander from all play in New Zealand Southie with lint Phillips he’ll join as well out there to hear the power plants on a new land that Ronnie’s Roger were mentioning.
Make the most of it with the new ball in the power play like our units.

Alongside and in terms of pace falling well that always seems to be the spinners what can it start things off well that has been the trend Denny from good evening good evening viewers Pakistan track record head in the way is is pretty good there won 13 games out of four of 20 23 games so but they’ll be feeling very good about it the dish looks pretty good is there’s no grass on.

It it’s it’s very similar to what we had against the Australians so that has been the trend for Pakistan that Ahmad the same since his return.

Is it takes on the the new wall he’s been a bigot begins who lives Vandana dusty please it’s time to play here a match to.

Kiwis neither one lishus size’ let’s go yes bold maximum.

What is that for – Wow well he has come with a different frame of mind this time around the balls are slumping away.

From him and he just planted his front leg and just gave it everything water start wonderful start for good New Zealanders at length wasn’t it was therefore he backed himself fresh off his 50 IT and he was miffed with himself should have gone on.

Out when the guy for the black caps Phillie kick out there but it was a little signature to it Lescott agency there things were done I just want to check this upstairs pausing it’s quite brisk a manga scene when it comes to the left hand as he struggles to start off who have seen it again so the Australians also a little short on that occasion.

But little why did the rule was there for mundo to put it away wonderful fielding by Barbara Azam safe to run everyone’s gonna be kissing that side of the boundary there’s a little bit longer the cool wagon another side of the squee here tonight fresh 22 yards certainly characteristic dry looking surface the white build quickly what can.

You say sometimes olive we just leave it at engine while it just makes this bull slide on even better doesn’t it well they can do it but our Gaston strength is is they’re spinners and it’s also their mid Lobos were there with the Pacers coming and all those cuddles they’re very good at it and no grass at all that a lot of cracks it’s not going to spin that much it’s in the air it’s a single of medication strength is.

And these sort of pitches wherever the ball sort of sticks in and it doesn’t really come on to the bat that easily.