My Thoughts On The Right Wing Political Terrorist Attack Against The Left…

All right here we go hey what’s up y’all it’s a a theist cutter shot here I wanted to make this video in order to address of the I guess that the leftist you know bombing threats and insanity that was perpetrated by a supposedly alleged right-wing Mogga or make America great again Trump supporting terrorists which I find it hard.

To believe but according to we are changed I just watch like 30 minutes plus into this video that was talking about a manga you know conservative political attack which it was like a bomb threat out to.

Basically like a few leftists and it was like a package that was coming in to their property and supposedly George Soros he also had like a bomb threat out to him to where he had he literally had his mailbox packed with a package that was suspicious enough to look like a bomb and yeah if that.

Was about then he would have already had his head blown off and shit would have basically made let the left to go you know insane but the thing is is that what really gets me angry is that this is a story that doesn’t look too right.

By judging how this bomber came about his way of trying to try and Aban these.

People I don’t think that that this was ever to be yeah yeah like I’m every to be like the true story I feel like that this guy probably had said something that may have.

Triggered the FBI in a sense to go after him where he needed to you know be exposed for who he was and you know.

Just be put into this you know little watchlist and then you know love the minute he was about to do do these attacks then he did get caught but do you want to know something and which I’m gonna make like a video on this but it really pisses me off that whenever we see on the media about.

Right-wing extremism in the u.

we always cover it right but whenever we talk about left-wing extremism like we barely cover it so like whenever we even talk.

About mass shootings why is it that whenever the white person does it you know it’s always on air when I like like we always go after people like Dylann roof and Nicolas Cruz we use those people to demonize.

And victimize and try to and.

Try to make them infamously famous.

In a way where we push for gun control and we take away people’s rights so don’t you see what the pattern here versus like people out in Chicago that are fucking murdering each other like 60-plus times you know per 100,000 bodies so that means like almost every single minute at least up to 10 to 20 people who.

Get like a get shot along with people having to defend their houses or defend their friends and family so.

You know when leftist you lie about gun stats to say about 91 people die from guns they’re basically saying that they don’t know shit about guns and they don’t know that the majority of people that use those guns are people that have a suicide issue so suicide is done most.

Of the day but it’s mostly good guys killing bad guys but then when it’s bad guys killing good people that’s like literally less than 1% of what the population that’s committing crimes in left-wing cities and left-wing areas see now for here I live in Albany I live in.
A pretty fucked up you know city where it’s pretty Democrat but the thing.