Featured Frosh 2018 – 'alone In Nowhere' Intertextual

Oh together oh boy does it suck to be alone that I mentioned and actually I’d also love to express just how much I’d love to cry but I won’t I don’t even know if I can anymore something’s just not hold of all the nights about though right when I left home when I left them I left that part.

Of me I was pretty damn well well enough to the point where Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water from what do you know doesn’t matter because there is no more Jack and Jill now there’s only Jeff and Shane know I’ve got pictures of.

Jack and Jill though lots of them pictures on the screen pictures in my mind patients I love you do you love me do you remember me remember me remember me it’s only been three weeks are you JP yeah the point is I’m not with you anymore not really now I’m with you well nowhere and nowhere is no fun place to be no where is that taste you can’t decide whether to love or hate it’s the unspeakable.

Place your belly button that comes from it’s just another dead rat but the garbage can of your favorite restaurant it’s the endless void space taking myself by the meeting ii no where is the pain the pain.

That reminds you that joy you felt really it was real because you never really.

Appreciate your problems until they’re not around until there nowhere nowhere is Jeff and Jane the people who are supposed to be my best friends now but they hide they hide their butts from me it buried their parts for.
Me but what else are they why why does that make me feel so..