Reacting To Bts's Featured Tracks (mono. And Waste It On Me)

Lissa so arm came out with a new playlist today I guess he just decided to be on say the whole world and just be like hey new music let’s do this let’s see what REM came out with English whoever this person is is so lucky I saw although I’m resisting gangs know what’s out okay that was not bad.

Strike so things can we fast I call I’m gonna call it is awesome what I hate yourself I love you we moonchild a lot.

Of people talking about this one I don’t really like it guy okay never mind I kind of like it now this is kind of the course gonna wear though do you know what hit the other side yes Parsons he’s trying to work with goodbye I know poor are I know it’s a no-no I really like the song so sad he’s gonna probably end it.

On those trainers or I was wrong would he didn’t resolve it okay Ryan it’s a sad song anyway so I guess that makes sense everything everything everything everything ah sir everything well he’s still pop 15 seconds I don’t he’s just gonna let.

The rain fall okay that’s really nice that’s a really nice ending let’s go guys ten people eater when it brings the course when it rains all fours oh my god are you not bad not bad honestly actually it was okay it was a little bit under my expectations but uh it’s pretty good grab Mon stands though you you guys must be like crying.

Cuz he’s this this is all about sad stuff yeah I think there are some drugs outside that want to play with me so I’m gonna.

Give them some attention I’m gonna go okay so there was no segue but here is a segue into today because BTS Ashley sorry Steve Aoki came out with a new song featuring BTS and so I’m gonna to listen to it and include it in this video so yeah you guys.

Two and one two and one I forget that it’s flipped sometimes what do you think.

About all these videos is that like you guys see like half my hair see but this is that my hair yes it is my hair is.

What’s all in the back but it’s messy so yes so this is segue part – boo they’re Chinese what does Chinese subtitles that’s an option oh my god till later your time and we’re still me oh my god okay please one of the rappers right after they so with Rahman and okay okay we need to have rappers in.

The bridge in this in the fridge.

Right now baby right now baby why not not right now I can’t.

See it okay that was a good song but um I I think yeah I felt like I only heard like a few of the members even the.
Ones that I didn’t say like out loud so I really want to see who is.

Singing in what time that’s why I videos like this very important you don’t know yeah it’s a joke stupid comments do they do anybody else thinks I was like a little.

Disappointed so be my not okay it’s a good song but you literally featured like less than half of BTS so what I thought it would be all seven I’m pretty sure a lot of other people without of.

The all seven – I know it’s hard to split a song into seven parts by a few shades it’s gonna be featuring a band it’s just you have to feature the band if not then you have to you have to say who of the band specifically and only it’s like featured on it so featuring RM j k and j and g JM Jimin of BTS you can’t just say featuring.