Craig Wing On How Technology Is Redefining The World Today

Release Jacobite was how we don’t necessarily think about the impact of our technology will affect us on an everyday level I think often when we come to excursion conference to think about electronics and technology as a means of consumption so that’s something that’s a it’s TV it’s a cell phone maybe it’s a cool drone for my kid but.

As I think about the presentation and more on how technology will influence the fabric of.

Our lives I realize that’s a really affecting us all the way from mobile first traders in connectivity we can’t live without being connected to the Internet some point all the way.

Through to what will this mean for us as we’ve formed the future stuff like how will technology change our education systems how will it change the.

Way that we interact with each other all the way through from technology under from fall allows to live longer and longer and perhaps even say well technology will allow us to either change allows the better or for the worst and therein lies some of the warning as the match’s technology is amazing.
It can also create both a dystopian we’ll be at a.

Utopian vision that we have the dystopian view could be.

A few come through the baby I think they’re people yes because how it hey Tony hands listen okay see ya so there’s a video that was shown around a baby being born and from the time this child is born you know Google’s if Google’s how to cut the umbilical.
Cord gives them to social media.

It takes pictures filters and Instagram Maps uploads tubes etc the angle behind.

That is not it’s a bit of a parody but it’s more on saying this truth within this and the truth is a new generation of people being born today expect to be connected to the Internet even ourselves as more mature as a little bit older we expect to be connected via Wi-Fi would we.

Go to conferences our kids today go to the coast that go to the beach and.

They want to know is the Wi-Fi password so the consumer habits an expectation of connectivity is something as a reality today and the impetus around us as business people or leaders is to say.
Well Jaime not understand us but understand how connectivity.

The fundamental underlying platforms.

Industrial Revolution stuff allows us Tenley’s potential and it’s one of the basic building blocks for we were going can be human respects United Nations already said that right connectivity is a.

Basic human right so how to ensure it’s free and fast.