If "riverdale" Was Your Office

Hello everyone happy Halloween I’d be a week from the newlyweds oh my gosh yes we came back from our honeymoon early to give you this exclusive video so you might remember that we just up is Riverdale characters for a day and while we were doing that we also were filming a Facebook sketch so like it was on Facebook.

But now I didn’t say we’re about to play it right now yeah I’ll say you’re watching but wait before we show you don’t forget to.

Subscribe to this channel got obviously I’m I just know if you like this do you like it let’s own the moment are we back Bobby back to.

Lima yes so it says under special skills just red hair that’s correct see we were looking for more PowerPoint Excel Microsoft Word things like that I don’t know what those are Instagram how well did you say you were hi Betty what are you doing getting my lunch hello what you brings from home it’s frozen oh you’re bad oh that reminds me I post me in my lunch today should be here any second I’m we’re New York.

Post mates for Veronica Thank You doll this must be some mistake it says here that you’re in a gang that is a mistake it should say leader.

Some amazing stuff on your resume this is great yeah and I guess my brother wants there it is me he’s dead now so alright don’t care hey Veronica we have to put these in alphabetical.

Order what I wouldn’t have to do that here we go in New York where I’m from in New York we don’t put anything in alphabetic order in New York okay that’s a lot like phones calling it’s New York hello it’s Veronica this bag is from New York New York New York is calling Veronica Lodge speaking but this is pretty long I.

Think I saw some some song lyrics in here oh no actually can see my resumes.

On the front I don’t know why that happened okay actually speaking of song is my travel guitar I’ve got sunshine sorry Betty this is Colliers broken I call somebody help fix it no no one knows this copier like.

I do I can fix it probably doesn’t even know what’s wrong it just needs a little love there are two places that every American is supposed to know well home and work it’s just you’re just mad cuz it’s the truth oh hey man what’s up what’s up I’m brooding mrs.

Carmichael says I can brood every day from 10:00 to 11:00 a.

it’s in my contract cool man the bathroom really you just don’t get it man I’m gonna set this place up I just asked where you saw.

Yourself in five years Oh same answer I’m gonna set this place on fire you’ll burn down I’m just curious what’s your office policy on bullying we’re done you.

Can go actually I’m gonna interview you next excuse me so what are your special skills oh that’s all you’ve got nothing okay well.

This interviews ever thank you I don’t know if we’re gonna win any Academy Awards no it was really good wells so good really good and if you want to see more from our channel you can click over here to see Lily and I get married it was a big moment very touching or see when we just got transformed into the Riverdale characters we’ve done act in it so you.
Know you can click it at the safe..