J-gee – Fendi Shoes (official Audio) [prod. Chuki Beats]

Send these huge shining brighter than diamonds nicer than anything you can buy at Ryman I like almond milk and my clothes are smoother than silk Fiji water crystals I don’t miss my miss food prep and fresh beats till we make this visible jumping on the trampoline longer than I live for you don’t like your style I will show.

You out the door we take out all the Nike and replace.

It with off-white we be walking down the street with a shoe hip and pipe Jade you can rap faster than lightning he wrapped so fast it’s super spicy place all that babe with the adidas human race for throwing all this faster up in your face I’m.

In the booth rapid lil Z’s gonna cook it up he writes the fresh lyrics he’s super tough.

All you haters calling us for food but you are dust big balloons waiting to pop but we won’t stop because the shoes is too hot and we spend a lot meeting touch the.

Fate can be our brains are very handy I love my friend the end it’s better than you.

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