Have I Got News For You S56e05 Victoria Coren Mitchell

Good evening welcome to have I got news for you I’m Victoria Karen Mitchell in the news this week at the Lancashire pet shop there are signs that nearby fracking is taking its toll on some of the residents there’s evidence that since becoming a father Olympic diver Tom Daley might have let himself go and after being given an extra.

Billion pounds in the budget for the mo D a jubilant defense secretary Kevin Williamson celebrates by blowing it all in one go on Ian’s team tonight is a comedian who used to run one of the roughest.

Pubs in the East End of Glasgow and if any of the regular drinkers are watching I’m sure you’ll recognize me from.
Only connect please welcome Janie Godley and with Paul tonight is the.

Judge Rinda which means we have a lawyer on the show this week to go with our other 614 lawyers please Robert.

Render and we start with the biggest stories of the week Ian and Janie have a look at this Chancellor this giveaway budget here it is a man that can’t plug a.

Song in which is normal yeah we’ve got loads of it now those of you who thought we were in the middle of austerity we’re not it’s finished so.

That’s a happy story on we go budgets done what’s the personal allowance fudge there’s been a fudge about people’s personal allowances but just like every other budget for the 28 years of this series I was watching the other side what happened in Bonanza some Cowboys rode up and down that’s more or less the budget why was Liz Trust sitting on the Sajid Javid have you got any proof of this yes where’s the evidence well of course you were not.

Allowed to show the evidence cuz it’s in the house is a part of it weak on hearsay hearsay case dismissed but apparently there was there wasn’t room she was trying to squeeze in everybody let’s move on from the seating what about marriage and the budget you’re allowed to get married anywhere he announced it beforehand and then we didn’t hear it at the time but you can get.

If anyone wants to I will officiate no you can get married in a burger joint.

You get married in ten get married in a public toilet and then you get cheaper rates.

In Scotland Japan oh can you yes that’s what happened to me when I was.

Going to the shops what did you think of the jokes infinite ham and speech you enjoy the jokes no I didn’t cuz I didn’t see it I was watching bonanza we had the budget on.

Monday yes specifically so that no one could do any Halloween jokes he literally changed the timing of it said I don’t want people doing the Hammond house of horror you see which is quite an amusing joke he didn’t want any Halloween jokes he didn’t want people saying is it a trick or a treat come on it’s Phil happened it’s obviously a trick to commemorate the joyful occasion of brexit yes what is Philip.

Hammond going to give us there’s a.

P to celebrate brexit it’s an interesting choice of words it was going to be a pound it’s it’s a special coin and on the back of it’s gonna say we love everybody who doesn’t come from Britain we don’t know exactly what’s gonna be on it but some sort of message for you.

At one person suggested this message does anyone remember the old euro 50p the 1973 one it had.