Fortnite Battle Royale| Decent Female Console Player | Season 6 Grind | 405+ Wins

Genus you get my treasure all right we’re going to do another just making sure coins are working for you guys hold up all right let me see yo what’s up nothing – what’s up Batman what’s up day day yo sup Fred alright let me just check see the corns of work in yeah all right we good we good.

We good we good yo what’s up curry how you doing all right really uh-huh all right um who wants to play I’m gonna get Jambo Jambo can come back in here and I don’t mind Jambo Oh mind.

Anyone I last people play with but yeah most my home boy all right we need two more people whoever is down the was give us give us good was good bro okay yeah she’s up now here yeah can you go just do it so I’m gonna do anything oh my god bro sorry I’m back sagal hello hello I just want to go bring their computer downstairs.

I invite nothing matters I’ve got someone else come to the drain using Universal games how you doing can I add your epic No oh yeah you can join Universal have you sent me a friend request yes you can get in after a couple matches right it’s lacking so much fine we’ll get Fred in here.

First and then we’ll get curry and then we’ll get Universal is not keeping me Wow your friendship but a little bit a little bit what what what what no way no I’m flying I.

Don’t know what know things kind of know on the boobs oops you hate the new friends the same me me too yo y’all and.

Sing all right who’s gonna join up first it’s open lobby whoever gets in gets in oh if you want you can probably add one of these guys and then you can probably join from them well I’m gonna just check the weather in our guys all right thank God how is it what Oh for anybody well they really messed that like literally they really messes game up you what level are you Gemma.

Never yeah max you are not level 100 I’m living 101 no can I invite women live Jewish okay I’m on 0.

Do tournament okay so I don’t have time for this but how do you not like seriously whoa like it’s not funny so dumb you’re 1146.

Down wait what jump through a hoop in the shop it off all those a daily challenge o suggest.

A challenge I don’t even remember so we need to deal damage my hand cannon Oh hand cannons Oh each his spoonerism here I don’t think so yeah the front guys not inferring they know joining guy event I.

Really I really like your voice what about Earhart dead dead actually is not a good-looking skin treat yourself at exactly Lake pop burn it go ahead and take two or the entire bucket you know I said the whole dump it I mean I kind of want a bunny moon but I don’t know it’s only.

Green I mean there’s gonna be something better Emma wait yo sup Slayer kicking how you doing man welcome to this dream one more time I’ll join.

Him or maybe it’ll work alright um and void and voiding wait okay a little that actually don’t look at the coins on this please don’t drink again not really take or sits you know we’re.

All right let’s just see but in a five out of time you’re gonna die all right so we are going our PJs at.

$18 and you lovelies breath recently I wasn’t laughing when did I say this I suppose will not give away oh thank you can I laughing you I don’t know can I say you’re obvious oh man hey you just go I got you I got you at the destroyed link when did I send you these things.
When you pictures on Instagram when when these are so emotional one.

Day this in you it’s on public if you want to join it was a birdie what’s up art drunk dumb public alright if anyone wants to join just join up it was.

Up here the gamer how you doing man I guess we’re gonna ready up do you fill see how it goes but leave.

This game stuff yo what up snaggy how you doing welcome to the stream welcome welcome welcome can you join yet you can join can have it Scott that that though I don’t know where it went neither out she’s been here the whole day you let her out know what’s up Jim Bob guy dude how you doing we’re good we’re good.

Yes all right we’re wheeling them boys you’re taller girl gentle yeah Wow this pit dog this is all right yeah.

I’m fine because you’re on my service I’m on e servers that’s why Oh a net way from Europe you’re always sorry I thought you were they don’t wet they’ll be spawned what no it’d be it’d be closer to you what do you mean all right well there’s one of my house so I’m gonna try and kill him the hell where’d he go I did you run away from a few people your.

Father yeah he lured the whole top of my me a whole bottom on my head alright Salus no jumbo I mean dizzy you’re not living how I’m not even say it I’m giving Fury haircuts now apparently I’m bit doing any sorry dude oh wait I’ll cop that I caught that like here somewhere yet Little Italy right underneath Disney No wait he died and if you have to draw a whole squad of the group with you whoa.

What the hell is even going on right now not anymore anymore oh really is that really just happen yay call me your belly cheese that they got killed by a girl me and me are you watching me or watching the other dude I’m mad we probably could how did he die I.

Didn’t even see him dying oh the other guy Jim Bob yeah I know but how did he die oh no wait come up from behind I thought he was still rip this two of us get what’s up Joey how you doing man we’re gonna seen I mean when do I have like 400 in something now she only has to bat back 20 bucks we’ll hold that go hey what’s.

Up big eyes so brother me did I say touch me No well that was.

In the membrane you’re in my game no one loses shifty oh wait I got my pack never mind someone did loot shifty but okay I think’ll.

Now go for employee in their bedroom man he could have stayed home again this chest say less got to rift it goes now ya ain’t gonna let anyone else use it.

You gotta do throw this site so so right up you know everything the greedy breath important that really guilty weren’t so close to come out.
With it because it literally said rare on.

The pickaxe I do what you gotta do rewrite everyone I have like 400 all right you know.
Okay mmm bugger bugger bugger bugger I’m a boy I’ll throw hands.

Oh comics Oh Randall definitely bum bum Hori Hori sorry there’s a medic you don’t use the language from me another med.

Bag they’re sewn over here I think 375 here 400 oh stuff play yes 700 overcome through the membrane digital.