Strainprint's Ashleigh Brown Featured On Humble & Fred

Making a return visit to the program from Winnipeg Manitoba I believe that’s where you’re from is internationally Ashley Brown is the community manager and patient liaison director it’s trained friend Ashley welcome back to the show thank you so much for having me back especially on legalization Eve yes its legalization eve and i I know myself I’ve done all.

My marijuana shopping all my decorations are up have made little presents for all my friends but Ashley the reasons strain print has been so successful and is only going to.

Get more successful is the idea that there are so many other aspects to marijuana use that are not just about getting high they’re about getting well yeah I mean I think what’s happening is we’re using information to kind of broaden people’s perspective and change the conversation around cannabis okay and how is uh how has that changed well I mean being a data analytics company not only do we have the users coming together to you know share now over a million points of data or how they use.
Cannabis and what works and what doesn’t for them we also are able to.

See a need for a broader conversation around that data so we start with the fashion and then we Emily bring in the few ones basically.
You know if you if if some of our listeners.

To the strain print website or download the app on Google Play or iTunes walk us through the experience like I’ve often said you know if you’re suffering from insomnia there’s a strain for that if you’re suffering from joint inflammation there’s a strain for that so give us a sense of how people are using strain print and how the.

Interactivity between the community and the people that are looking to be part of it how does that all shake out in terms of analytics well it’s a really user-friendly app so when people are just starting out using cannabis now they’re gonna.
Be able to go to the OCS website they’re gonna.

Be able to purchase their stuff and they’re going to see strainings like you know super Silver Haze or you know purple train wreck or what have you and a bunch of ones that we can’t stay on the air because you.
Have to believe me I’m sure and and.

Not that’s the starting point so once they have that screen they may be saying well I’m using it for insomnia they’re able to track that by you know monitoring it the app checks in with you know six to eight hours later depending on how you sleep and then you’re able to see a pattern over time of how is purple train less working.

For insomnia in this the right strain for you how effective is it treating that.

Symptom so not only do you have your personal journey kind of mapped out you’re also kind of playing accountability and educating yourself as to what’s working and what’s not once we have that in place you’re.

Able to see what other people are also using through our Explorer section and maybe the next time you log on to be.

With us website or visit a storefront you’re going to be able.

To make a different decision because we’re also new at this having that that in place and being argues that when you’re making your decisions shopping now it’s going to be a.