C130:how Has Iot Technology Affected Agriculture?

How is our technology affected our culture examples of such technology used in agricultural RFID sensors and smartphones let’s take a look at how RFID helps manage the livestock systems tags are connected to the animals it loads radio waves are used to store data about the animal and on this data can be used to track the movements of the.

Animal and if the animal went missing and can be.

Easily returned to its rightful owner thus minimizing human efforts as the owner would not have to physically search for the animal RFID can also help identify any diseases cell for the animal collecting such data can stop the spread of the disease and.

Identify its origin is he technology has enabled the growth in farming by providing accurate data such devices especially in rural areas research conveys in an increase in agricultural production.

In 2009 while IT technology was use in.

Zambia compared to 2008 therefore reiterating a point that and farming is come is moving from an insufficient method to a smart method 90% of population in Zambia dependent uncoachable a source of income as well as 69 percent of the population in South Africa ICT technology has the potential potential to create liquid transparent marketplaces this can.

Help alleviate poverty in rural areas we’re providing new opportunities for the people and also provide new opportunity in terms of other sectors such as health care education entertainment improving the quality of their life stone.

Rural area as well as positive impacts there are also many internet negative impacts IT technology has an invitation such as reduced storage capacity of our consumption security she’s less.

Take if you look at RFID RFID has security issues such as leakage information of the tags or the users this information can easily be used by the network people to perform DDoS attacks due to low-level touching which conveys that as a number of DDoS.
Attacks as a number of connecting devices increases number of years.

Of cycle also increases ICT technology is disruptive as its Kim as it’s conveying a transition from insufficient to sufficient forming as a farmers can now pre.

Plan the activities beforehand by such technologies as a wireless.