How To Conduct A: Shit Simple Soviet Style Attack

How to conduct a shit simple soviet-style attack first you’re gonna need a highly mobile mechanized force that you will smash down the nearest front possible with the most amount of force possible and you will not stop for anything in my case I have three squads of infantry each with their own BTR seventy and one t-72 second identify probable.

Enemy locations based on enemy composition and terrain that you are going to fight on in this case there are three enemy infantry squads with eighty.

Fours and one Dragon anti-tank guided missile system they are limited to a playable area marked by these black boundary lines so my assessment was that they would defend from here here and this last position here would have the e2 GM to watch the long sightlines third you’re going to need to analyze the terrain again and find the most concealed.

Route that your vehicles can drive on that does not hinder their mobility in this case I selected a route on the right flank because the thicket of trees prevents the long sight lines that are needed.

For e2 GM’s I decided to have my tank take point and all my other vehicles follow in column that way no one gets lost fourth and last you need to bypass or breach the enemy main positions and get the main body or force.

Behind the enemy and attack them from the rear this prevents the enemy from engaging you from his presided battle positions that.

He is determined or the best way to defeat you before I show you how this played out I’m gonna show you where the enemy’s actual positions were as of the start of this video there are fire teams here.

Here a squad position approximately here and the last squad with the e2 GM is positioned here so let’s go in and watch this wild clusterfuck just shoot the fucking city man and everything open are in.

That fucking City all right I I hope I hope our we’re shooting a fucking fight this is three squad they did a little right down the middle men keep going keep going drive drive drive drive drive drive drive drive trot we gonna get to the far side you damn.

Just about Hey third squat push the farside town hey PJ.

Push up man fucking shoot this asshole lots of sticking flerova Roger thank you still up Roger husband a lot of return fire coming yeah I can’t.

Either man they’re fuckin suppressing the fuck out of us so far the plan is going exceptionally well the platoon is dismounted mostly uncontested and the squads are moving to their pre-planned.

Objectives as best they can in this scenario my platoon is seized around a quarter of the town kill approximately half.

The enemy in exchange for around 1/3 of my force being killed keep in mind that at this point the assault you’ll have little to no control of.

Your squads so don’t try too hard to control them the best thing you can do from this point just let.

Your squad leaders take the initiative and take as much ground as they can to prevent the enemy from regrouping and.

Putting up an organized defense the one exception to control is likely gonna be any armored vehicle because.

The commander of the vehicle can take a step back from the fight and talk to you to coordinate the further use of his vehicle here’s an example of that I made to be destroyed my body more of it hey tank tank two-story building that you’re fucking looking at two storey building to your front right tank males also semitic suppose nope to have a map I have no idea dude just try to get the tank as I can talk to him yeah Roger that.

Building I just blew up enemy and it fucking knock it down or killer inside you just start clearing shit man.

Yet hey let’s go over this car yeah let’s go hell yeah dude what the fuck is this I like I.

Could attack from this direction and it got mostly disregarded so to conclude this abbreviated guide you can see that the Soviet style of.

Attack works pretty well one ton right just remember that the best plan you can make in.

This style is the simplest plan.