Work Clothes Sunday Announcements

Well good afternoon good evening I just did just got done doing something I thought I would never say I’ve ever done I just shoveled the new edition out full of snow we shovel it out so it’ll be dry by Monday and we’re ready to start putting on sheathing and rafters are coming on Tuesday and it’s going this movin.

Thank you everybody for everything you’re doing all the help all the prayers all the financial help you guys are amazing this is a dream.
Come true so constructions done for Friday but.

On Sunday I need I need to ask you to everybody to wear your grubby clothes especially the young strapping strong types we have two and a half pallets of plywood that we need to distribute around the outside of the building and with about 20 or 30 people we could probably do it in less than an hour but if it’s just two of us it’s gonna take me all day and I’m gonna be worn.

Goes so on Sunday I’m even gonna wear my grubby clothes wear boots snow boots gloves jackets be warm but I could use about 20 or 30 people to move these pallets of plywood around the outside and different strategic.

Places around the around the building so come on out be a help come dressed for work on Sunday morning we’ll do it after.

A blast doing it you guys are amazing thank you so much see you on Sunday.