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Oh my gosh you guys are insane unless you just loaded up the stream and there’s already six people yeah oh my gosh hi you nosey how’s it going hi sniper how’s it going hi Abdi hello hello hello how’s it going hi Brian how’s it going hi Kevin hi Bart how’s it going guys yeah I think it was actually.

Noisy that was fast guys let’s she on fire I literally living when I.

Come to the stream I was like oh I get that tomorrow I gotta get it got a gate hi Xbox how’s it going oh my gosh too funny too funny guys she guys are hilarious Sarah sir yeah all right guys let’s hop into a quick game how’s everyone’s days being.

You all feeling eating good what’s new.

Yes noisy what’s up what’s up all right ah this screen needs to go doesn’t it glad to hear Bart that’s awesome sir sir bad news is I’ve run out of Fanta it is official so today I will be on purely water I’m doing good thanks bar thank you.

For asking yeah please no spamming right on pretty please thank you it’s just hard to read everyone’s.

Our chats with all of the bombing your little rebel mm-hmm my day’s been pretty good thanks Xbox just been playing them a bit aside the world with the zombie mode pretty fun how’s your day beam I’m not 100% sure Kevin I do really enjoy solos but maybe one day I mean who knows yeah I’ll still be crazy Xbox and more less crazy fiercer huh let’s go.

Paradise let’s feel crazy let’s do it now she knows I’ll blame it on the sugary drinks not having a lot sugary drinks why are you so trash because I don’t have my sugary drinks okay some I just quit sounds like it the chest up says I dude’s got shield no point anyone taking him on I don’t want to drop everything all right one moment guys let me just go get some loot real quick and then I’ll check the chat i chink I see.

That when I had a little quick peek how’s it going how you doing I do want to stay here so I went to own paradise oh my god maybe we should room no I don’t want to I want to get at least one gear here okay smart move might be to take the rift though these guys are.

Gonna be in a little bit of a pickle let me quickly catch up ah I did I absolutely feel yeah like when you just find that random jurors and the person leaves because I want to start a new game it’s just like rip you could have got a win if you would have committed I feel you I feel you Oh.

Is there like more ring of Fire’s is that okay do-do really noisy that’s hilarious sighs it’s so famous on fortnight now yeah Qing we have run out of a Fanta so I will be um water today unfortunately but I’ll still be my crazy so mm-hmm yo now me mm-hmm that girl it doesn’t pipe down high dm1 how’s it going awesome awesome awesome awesome ah yes Kevin.

I would I wouldn’t even bother troll on mitchler I’d just be like he’s gonna die yeah if.

I didn’t get a win of course you like hungry for the winds aren’t yeah definitely hey Brock how’s it going in I am.

Always crazy that is very true and it’s time I light a factor this so bright no second please don’t die please don’t die there we go are you trolling how’s it going in bed that’s very awesome name I like it I don’t need sugar now or the sugar Pro from yesterday’s probably still a mister will be all good I’ll survive I hope I think that she realized we are still in the sarcolemma oh yeah I’m doing really good thanks Brock ran out of a fizzy pop that’s the.
Only letdown but apart from that over it’s good hey I’ll get it so.

Good still of you business they love you okie dokie Kevin thank you so much being here I really appreciate it have a lovely sleep or whatever you have in in mind oh yeah that’s the.

Forget you know there’s like zombies in this I may have like run away from them order do I.

Like Phoenix what do you mean nicer what do you mean no I’m not gonna break into a JB song okay calm down guys calm down like please no not that dude mmm-hmm.

Have I been here nope I have not no if there’s just.

Like a few trucks lying around that would be very smart just gonna leave that we don’t need it what we might do eventually what you know have you guys like played this mode if so.

What do you think about it I pass them they’re the only thing I’m not a fan of is just the rege lider I think if you not know someone’s face I should still die I think the zombies are pretty cool because it distracts everyone like people can’t count.

Even if you have like a metal base or something some bees are still gonna come hmm but apart from the glide am I really enjoy it there’s like no zombie spawning in like a duster I can hear them array me but I can’t see them oh my god no Ching you would not.
Go that song that I met no I didn’t know white was until my partner.

Showed it there your mom still in the groove yeah there we.

Go we’ve got a dude here he hasn’t even noticed me yes for real what real.

That did write me Sarah seemed like joke he took no damage as well why wow oh wow oh my gosh that was ridiculous there sir mm-hmm thank you Xbox that’s very kind of you mm-hmm I didn’t sing that song Ching you’re thinking about someone else answer the next.

One nice fella is it going governor mm-hmm I don’t know how we just died then that’s a bit crazy seeing as though I out built him and everything one shot to the face her you dance with.

Me Pazuzu why snow it does seem odd um try not to put too many caps hmm 9 bar is a sea people told me that.

Love me then that was pretty funny I feel in love everyone has to put Philly.

Eagles xxx coverage actually -1 X it’s just two x’s Saanich who’s that hey Philly yeah no I bought takes after year why was it okay hi you Chester Arthur you Larkin how’s it going.

Jesse you just missed it in the lobby a we are two people time in Atlanta they’re probably gonna destroy me NOLA I loved you and you betrayed me I cannot be your friend anymore all right let’s get out of it he’s got a double-barrel those doubles barrels are seriously so ridiculous that deed shoulda died watch you have 6 6 HP guys oh my gosh kid I get eight awesome Jessie and I’m.

Doing really good as I think it’s run out of fizzy pop unfortunately sir I’m.

On the water is there any challengers oh my god there is for real come on I haven’t even caught up with all the others normally I always do this yeah jump truth flaming hoops okay you didn’t even manage to her no see my slap I know filly I know I’m against they did that they do do do do do do do do mm-hmm-hmm this guy’s looking.

Mad now you know god dunce I got a dance I got do it yeah see sometimes I.

Like the double barrel sometimes I can’t stand it’s like sometimes you can shoot someone twice and they they’ll still like survive because obviously it won’t be a headshot no okay there’s the visa what happens when you have the emotes you know their little humming tunes mm-hmm daddy but to the rescue yeah not my night Bart for some reason is just the title stuck in the mud don’t ask me why I have a.

Hain’t no clue but so I so title stuck in the mud how you don’t mess how’s it going I don’t even know why I went for this come on thank you go back up okay and we’ve got someone over there lovely lovely Jeff Lee I’ll get me to do that whoops oopsie what was going on with that Parsons build seriously for.

Reals whoa get out of here trihard oh my god too many people are just killing me so easily Sarah sir as you don’t mind that pistol the blue one it’s pretty decent just like the blue revolver but like a different shape I guess alright we don’t need two of them so we’ll drop that that’s pretty decent hopefully that dudes build in.

Them how you tune yeah how’s it going all right guys something with you in one minute alright let me just quickly catch up with the chat real quick guys.

We don’t have that much of a run will be eka hiya cat Sam yeah no I remember.

You right thank you for really appreciate I I did subscribe.

To you so I’m keeping an eye on ya how you doing you’re doing good oh yeah i DM one that’s awesome Sara sir I’m glad you find it I really need to run but I wanna leave hi this is the one where that dude I wasn’t it it was it was it was.

Because oh my god no big shells mum meaty consomme because why am i doing that seriously that dues bills were like insane that quickly pop this real real quick play some fortnight games and don’t my Sarah sir get.

In the whip dude do something have some fun ah we’ve got a track I’m such a silly goose no I’m paying attention I like to medkits actually I’ll be okay ah well I hope I hope you get back at him have you day gets better I’m doing really good thank you any downside is um I always.

Rely on sugary drinks and I’ve run I but I’m a crazed crazy person sir I’ll be okay no chest in there nope let’s get out of get out of here you want the plunge of pickaxe hasn’t it been in the store a few times I think I think I.

Think I think oh yeah you can actually glide in this mode Connie I keep forgetting that it’s so frustrating when you take down.

Someone’s base and they just like by and they just like glide away from you brokeback I just wanted to talk no I didn’t I lied why a lot dude filed with the.

Rump let’s me following it like a donor know we’ll be alright anyway there’s a zombie thing they don’t even have to use a medikit lukla look Eileen oh listen money’s glider rip a little man you.

Should not stop building little man guys for the bolts car might so Christmas Lynch it’s not too far away is it obviously it has to be Halloween fast but Christmas this year has gone by so fast Sarah so do you guys feel that as I I just feel like it’s going so fast literally feels like it so.

It was only January like last week or so I like what I only wanted to ammo Oh Ashley are.

You the green AR why did I think I’d a better eye oh I don’t know Oh what flavor you got noise there I have some cheese and onion and I have some pickled onion poor little fella I feel sorry for him you.

Just gave up way too easily dinner hi Matthew how’s it going next game I think.

We’re just gonna just though I hover because you can just keep building building building if you get knocked down you don’t have to worry I’ll let y’all could do one now if I get the materials I would.

Say I’m not gonna rely on just what I’ve got because.

That’s pretty much nothing yes the Rios I look the chilly ones and I left the cheese ones I don’t mind the original ones but I’d prefer like the other two I do have some monstermunch I do I do I do some pickled onion and then have a.

Stinky breath but it’s all good it went a fat man you know I don’t like the roast beef ones ooh pickled onion for the win that’s what it feels like you’re on 200 almost 300 ping okay it’s droppin okay that’s more like it.

13 thank you thank you thank you just trying to get a lot of materials but it’s taking forever even though we’ve killed two people that have had absolutely nothing o as a dude over there I said no no we can get rid of that get all of that we can upgrade that yep yep yep it’s.

Gone we get it do you never better I auditor nice to Lightner doo doo doo doo doo doo de doo doo Oh actually yeah comes like honor it’s a big juice the concentration is real.

So many zombies all right guys I’m in stop ten so I won’t be checking chat just while this game is playing but I will be with you as soon as this game is over there was someone who just like landed over here hahaha alright let’s quickly chill here what me a break oh my god I got third pie for real what a.

Wuss let’s watch him get destroyed popular it’s so exciting I’m when the person who just killed you gets destroyed he’s got 12 kills what ridiculous very donkey this see this is why this mode so annoying shouldn’t be able to glide it’s so frustrating thank you for the do dudes guys alright let me quickly catch.

Up with a chat or real quick and I’m not a fan of smoky bacon the only flavor crisps I like wow that I can think of other top of my head is prawn cocktail cheese and onion I’m a like salt and vinegar I like cheese okay.

We’ve got the creepy music I suppose that’s better than frost that we’ve had for ages – in Halloween ax feeling it I feel in it but yeah and prawn cocktail cheese and onion salt and vinegar I like spicy like the spicy knickknacks and stuff like that.

I still like pickled onion obvious there I do like what’s the sauce as well what’s the sauce is quite nice yeah they’re the ones I couldn’t think of the top of my head yeah right Dead Redemption – looks awesome Jesse doesn’t it I wouldn’t.

Get just yet I played red Red Dead Redemption the first one but I had it on Pye station now on my subscription.