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When you’re at a young chair in the desert Charlie starts to come around what kind of a person are you to go for the done part a little egg tart or tofu father sweet tofu and ginger syrup where do you go for that very Australian young chair dessert the mango pancake now as far as I can tell in.

My research the mango pancake originated as part of Australian young char not in Hong Kong or in Guangdong but.

In Australia I’m sure if I’m wrong you’ll let me know in the comments below I have no doubt of that at all but I love them and I’m gonna show you how to make my favorite Yong Chun mango pancakes starts of course with a mango you don’t want one that’s.

Too ripe you actually want it to be a little bit firm cuz I like that nice bitey texture of the mango in the middle if you’ve never had a mango pain here before it’s essentially a quite.

Elastic eggy crepe that’s then wrapped around a piece of mango that’s covered in some very sweet whipped cream so we’re gonna start with all the elements mango first just.

Take the cheeks off this mango and the best way to get mango out from the cheek if you don’t want to cut it into those squares just use a big spoon and just work your way around the mango.

I just want to cut these into fingers about a centimeter white and these big pieces of mango again go inside my mango pancake of course you can get a couple of extra little bits not from the cheeks just cut into those on either side of the.

Stone now of course you can just have your mango just as is but what I really like to do for my mango pancakes and this isn’t necessary at all is just to throw these in.

The freezer so they get nice and frozen it’s almost like an ice cream then when you bite into it a really good change.

Of textures mango done now it’s time for the cream filling 300 mils of thickened cream you do want to use thickened cream rather than pour and cream and that’s because thickened cream contains gelatin and gelatin will help it set after it’s been.
Whipped it makes it a little bit thicker.

Now of course but after it’s what that gelatin is gonna make it a really stable filling for the mango pancake another thing that will help the stability some icing sugar I just want to whip that all together until it’s quite stiff I.

Wanna make sure I don’t over whip.

It I’m just gonna put that in the fridge.

And now for the crepe batter I want to start with 6 eggs into this bowl here I will start by cracking into a little ball.

First so that if anything goes wrong get a shell bad egg that kind of stuff don’t end up losing all of the eggs they were in your big bowl just some sugar here whisk that together with the eggs into there or just add some vanilla extract it’s a milk one I’ll just transfer that to this bowl for.

The time being because it’s gonna come back in here straight away but I want to use the bigger bowl to sift my flour you can see with this amount of flour in this amount of liquid it’s gonna be a very loose batter but that’s exactly what we want so I’ll start to.

Add my eggs back in here a little at a time trying to beat out any lumps as we can it looks really good for the last.

Couple of ingredients to go in just some salt a bit of vegetable oil and it’s sort of a pale yellow from the egg yolks anyway but when you.

Child they’re quite a bright yellow and I do that with food Connie if you didn’t want to use food coloring you could always use a bit of saffron instead just a few drops of yellow food coloring to really bring out the yellowness let’s strain that back into this jug and let it stand for about half an hour so this next step is just like pancakes or.

Crêpes and if you want a good pancake recipe I’ve got one just up here but for this process just a pan non sticky if you can if you don’t have a non-stick pan just a very simple wipe of oil through a regular pan is good you want steady even heat but the only difference here is you want to lead that can cover over the top show you why rub a bit of oil number on my pan give.

My crepe mixture and then just.

Tilt the pan so it gets all the way to the edges straight on with the lid cuz I only want to cook one side of this pancake it should come up really be the most about two or three minutes because it’s a very thin crepe so the goal here is no color on the pancake.

The bottom you don’t want it to brown on the top obviously so you want to keep the heat low.

And steady and cover it until it’s sort of if it steams itself into that kind of elastic consistency that you want so you.

Just flick up the edge of the pancake hopefully just peel it off and put it onto a plate covered with a tea towel and fold the tea towel over so it doesn’t dry out continue the process for the rest of.

The pancakes so the crepes here looking beautiful they’ve cooled down now you don’t want them warm otherwise they’ll melt the cream immediately I pulled my mango out of the freezer it’s just nicely lightly frozen and so it’s time to roll the pancakes a bit of a tip if you don’t have a.
Non-stick pan and you used oil.

Like I did making the pancakes just put down a square of kitchen paper so you can blot any excess oil that comes from the pancakes this is the side that was fried and this is the side that was steamed and the steamed sides the one where you want to use for presentation.

So the steamed side down a nice piece of mango in the center you can always trim the edges of the mango just so that they fit nicely in the center of your pancake there a nice dollop of cream on top you can put the cream on both sides but you don’t really need to.

And you only want a little bit of cream you don’t want to over deal with the cream so just kind of cover the mango with it don’t go too much over because then when you roll it up its gonna squeeze itself out roll the bottom of the pancake up the edges in and tuck them in quite well it’ll help when you’re rolling all the way to the end and then gently to kind of flip it over on its end and keep rolling.

And do you have a completed mango pancake now before.

You serve them a good 10-15 minutes in the fridge will help the cream to firm up a little bit but they are a pretty great Yamcha mango pancake.

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