Clothes Haul

Welcome back to Sarah girl today I’m gonna be showing you what I got from all Navy and cold and yeah sorry my room is a mess as you can see you don’t pay attention to that but yeah let’s get started so first of all maybe I got these leggings these black leggings um and they also have like cut.

Out on the side and there were seventeen dollars they might have got cheaper since my mom used like like some cute coupons um so I actually don’t know if.

Dollars but it’s a seventeen dollars and I got this really cute yellow shirt um it’s really soft too and it is $20 and yeah that’s my outfit basically and yeah I think that’s really cute so now one two coals so firm cold I got four things that are the.

Same thing except they’re different colors well it’s like two pairs of the same thing except they’re different.

Colors you’ll you’ll see so I first got this this cute gray dress this looks like that and it was ten eighty and this is what.

I mean by it’s the same exact dress except it’s a different color you guys see like it’s the same dress but it’s different colors so that’s all um this maroon dress with white speckles and yeah this was ten eighty as well I also got this cute as I think is guilt maroon sweater and it’s tied in the front and it was.

Only 720 then I got this this red with blue and white stripes sweater see they’re the same sweater except different patterns and different colors and it’s also tied because same sweater on and this one was ten eighty don’t know why the they’re different.

Prices I mean they’re the same size but I just don’t know why they’re different prices don’t know and then I bought this long-sleeve um shirt for spare um split look spirit lawyer.
At school it’s gold slash yellow that was only three twenty.

Know it was only two dollars since my mom had cold.

Cash in also coupons um so yeah and I just got two sets of bras don’t think you need to see that unless you do this is white and then this purple and white one and then a white one these are all sports.

Bras and pretty short yeah and then that ball don’t even know what other that is and then this is from Old Navy sorry did not show you this from Old Navy but this is from Old Navy it’s just a piece on and it’s literally ripped off I think it was only like I find I’ll find the price okay it’s it’s the receipts in here it’s just like seven something.

So yeah sorry I did not put in the right bag whoops um but anyway yeah um to the outro okay thank you so much for watching this.
Video I really hope you enjoyed if you did enjoy please.

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