Archangel Michael ~ Inspiration For The Week – The Prayers You Offer For Others

The prayers you offer for others are a ticket to higher consciousness because the gifts and blessings sent out in light and love have a tenfold return sometimes it is difficult to know what to do when faced with situations that seem beyond our comprehension but that is a time when we can fall back to the power of prayer offering.

A prayer is a proactive way to give something positive to any difficult situation there have been many studies on the efficacy of.

Prayer all of them have found that healing follows the energy in our prayers we may never see the results of the blessings we are offering to others but we can trust that it had a beneficial effect because that is the promise from science as well as from.

A spiritual viewpoint when we pray for others it settles our minds and hearts in a way that nothing else can there is an all-knowing intelligence within the light of the Divine working in the field of energy that we create with our prayers this energy fills and surrounds us with a healing love that will never abandon us and can be sent where it needs.

To go for the highest good of all concerned we are always connected with this divine presence through our focus our thoughts and most especially through our prayers divine presence.

Thank you for helping me to remember that there is a creative solution in this situation and I can invite that energy to be present at any.

Time I ask that divine light totally fill and surround each person.

Involved so that this situation may be lifted up into the power of divine love for healing with every breath.

I take I am receiving precious love into my being so I can radiate more love into the world may all beings receive divine love into their hearts and be blessed may I remember that there is a benevolent outcome in every situation when divine love is present I gratefully receive my tenfold return from all the prayers that I offer to the world it is in divine.

Order for us to receive what we give thank you for helping me to be a clear channel for God’s loving energy and the blessings flowing through me to the earth in all humanity thank you God.

And so it is the Gabriel messages book number 11 the prayers you offer for others are a ticket to higher consciousness because the.

Gifts and blessings sent out in light and love have a tenfold return dr1 sometimes it feels as though prayer is the only thing you can do for another person even though you wish you could do more prayer is however the greatest gift you can give when you pray for another you are sending a blessing of divine love and increased light-filled energy.
This can bring them an expanded perspective on their life.

An awareness of a greater power working within them as love they may not know why they feel better they just know they do God’s love is.

The power that can heal all things all you have to do in prayer is ask that another be filled with divine love and a perfect outflow of energy from a higher source will occur prayer is often the last thing one thinks about when situations become disturbing in truth.

Prayer is most helpful as the first and not the last resort you may not know what is best for another but their higher power does each.

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