6ix9ine Security Gets Randown On By Chief Kief Fan Now One Is Harmed Buy Retired Cop

Yoyoyo King under coming to you live and direct so six lines security get shot by a retired police officer why do you have security around you who don’t know how to work the Epistle why do you have security around you that’s making bad decisions and putting themselves in the position of being Dishonored the goal is to protect you.

Not getting too caught up in bar fights when you find out dudes is doing little.

You can’t I understand that you never had no security.

When it was around you gotta get dudes like that all the way away from you I’m saying that because in this day in time especially 6-9 all the gangster stuff we talk on a dishonor that he has done to individuals on social media he needs to have a title security he may need the actual police for him because he has went a little too far.
Time another with individuals now you’ll find that the executive.

The ones who pays the artists and things of this nature the ones who are in charge and getting things in position they be having better security than the artists.

Have and you would look at that and be like how especially one six nine well a lot of them are worried about the.

Fact that they rob people every day that’s the problem so then security would be a lot more tighter but when it comes down to a guy like six man I look at.

An ass he just don’t know what he’s doing.

On these streets and the people around him need.

To secure him better than when they secure them because I.

Can’t fathom the fact that the people that supposed to.

Protect you get dishonor I can’t understand it man so you know my message to the.

Got this on this one is do right by people you won’t have to get a scare you don’t have.

To be hello everybody won’t be online the frenzy trying to figure out how and why you know trying to get understand enough damn order why security got shot you got to get serious you got to get serious people on your team that support you also you know you got to get security I.

Want security that’s around me every inch of step I move I hold on for a second hey come in for you know that type of honor you know I mean I just wanted to stop fooling gr dad and tell the young is dead on ain’t nobody safe on the streets man nobody no one.

I don’t care who you are so you always got to be on point and make sure if you reach that status I haven’t people protect you and SUNY security make sure there’s people that care about you that.

Want to protect you and see you get home if that person saw them for that job they should know how to do their job if not firing key gonna live and direct.