Fortnite Battle Royale | Daily+featured Items Reset | Road To 600 Subs| Text To Speech

Hey guys welcome back to another livestream hope you guys all have it great well having a great day depends on where you live it might be having or you might have had gonna look at to see what the new daily in featured items are hopefully something new hey someone says again welcome to this trick hey well we wait.

We’ve got six more minutes so we can get into a server tomorrow night I’ll check the account to see if I got the galaxy scanner if I do I’ll give their account away to one of us.

Do turn the sound down because it’s playing save the world hey welcome to stream I got suspended from school oh damn how’s that happen Dee yeah welcome to this room swara laden got into a pawn shop I just like keep running my.

Camera was all the way back did you win the pumps up at least did you win luckily I didn’t get her by one.
Nice does a guy deserve it night oh.

Nice what are you going man see you later yes he stole nice lines fucking cry okay then said I stole it from him I they obey welcome just lie mo.

How’s it going Fort right backs were a place I am always on track on your video hopefully the what school that zombie one that’s gonna come out as an uncommon skin then I’ll be able to pick it up I am going to go online Oh Ivan even drunk the school but what am I going I completely forgot that a header I dare you to be.

A default next game I rely on ps4 look at the daily items I’m such a potato when I first saw neither the shock come I see I’ll let you see actually because that deals more damage I’m gonna finger.
Some turtle I bet me last night I was going a little bit better.

I do too much switching between PC and what’s it called peaceful okay let’s see okay 54 seconds with my so late if you guys want to support a creator I just supported what’s his name Merrill Luke was he a smaller.

Youtuber and he does some pretty good vids like on how to get exclusive skins and stuff if.

You know but if you’re not familiar with his videos his name’s just in a RL that’s why I’m supporting leg but he’s only got like 20,000 subscribers I think now be just some pretty good videos did you teach k12 when I get my ps4 back II must see if I can support you now you won’t be able to I think I need to oh yes okay we’ll get that we’re gonna get that class that.

I think I’ve got to get this first oml looper oh we’re definitely gonna get it there oh no way yes we men people are gonna be so happy about that Dame I need the VAX please ha ha well I wonder if I’ve got a V box from logging in to save the.
World all tomorrow get 150 minutes Allah but.

I really want to get that skin might have to ask for a little.

Bit be a devil next game a default oh no if I can do that I think I’ve got two flicks on the ground with Aretha pickax and the galaxy default I.

Mean this guy is the default it’s good disco domination get a whole lot of kills I can’t play too much today because I got a lot of do I T I’ve.

Gotta marry I’ve got a nice three different lawns and then I’ve got to go play some touch rugby with the same yes I’m gonna be very busy I’ll be streaming again tomorrow night I’m sorry Ethan.

Ogre default Nix um I got it this is just an OPC that I’ve got you I’ve got the makeover time is it for you it is 1/2 p.
butchie’s dares go to make sugars.

Shifty because they won’t be that much diluted zero is gonna go there likely Oh goats skin black by pickling maker quieter and the ring the biggest one zero and what mines once long 43 a. man we’ve got the seed up boys you mean when they say the sit-ups gotta be scared I.

Mean I’m not that good well I’m not like they’re great but I mean you’ll see the Serie thing you’ll be like you’re my lovely to play he’s true rocket race get reported nobody take you I’m not Nancy retirement does it’s like oh it must be secured someone give me have you ever thought that if you actually I’m better than you no I am.

Waiting oh you’re my lobby Tildy Tildy nice boy you guys I mean I didn’t even have enough money to get.

Out what’s actually through that balls hopefully they bring out gifting the fools of sight but it doesn’t come back next week I’ll have unemployed and such anger and for because that really.

Gets punched amazing what oh we.

Need Obama yes this is my challenge yes please we need search as well I should’ve been around but don’t worry WTF he doesn’t.

Even beat us there Thank You dicks regret if you win slap.

Yourself accursed dog agent Justin flakes Jayco digits 260 jib 78 guide little chicks at the paper every time okay if I went off when he does disco slobber his finger goes up and down and he makes a hole with the others really uh he does to a well yeah I’ve noticed that yeah I was like thinking about that what about it yes okay since we got a nice amount of mess we’re gonna be able to push.

Some people to the whole water killed see if I can beat 25 cuz I’ve got 25 lofts on my pleasure let’s see if I can beat it I think that was here for ya hello anybody out there alright come on who the kids gaming you put that in we’re your brain babymaker yes I thought balls balls balls balls your brain baby maker this guy’s just chickened out.

He thought he ate the high-camp.

No I’m just waiting for a chicken egg I must’ve erected some those of waste and nets subscribe to me I am creamy burn the juice I swear the nutcrackers pretty nervy make me not die for my penis everyone’s pushing me off skewed guys as I don t know why punish myself damn it everyone no teammates around nigger Oh cool someone definitely has to say every single push the tool takes the talk every single time Nigar rainy this guy Dave the Bugis Pathak’s kak Sousa by ABC CCD card making music I don’t.

Care coitus see the abbot’s yvv sh t okay stiffing the way that was awkward they made it so that like the heap was just touching the ramp and I basically I.

Throw it MLG kissing cat face with closed eyes emoji handshake and mochi clapping hands with dark skin tone emojis I attended index pointing up with dark skin tones energy index consonant with.

Dark skin tone energy skipping the rest how you feel about the sides back how do you feel that I think my mouth a fucking prick I mean they bring back everything else what’s that comes back or not I want to get that other skin that I’ve ran out of Eva haven’t got enough money to buy a game.