Matured Games [part 3] – Latest 2018 Nigerian Nollywood Drama Movie English Full Hd

You Kennedy yeah your wife says you serve our divorce papers may I ask what are your grounds for divorce I went a very simple and shut about this all right they’re not compatible in the wall okay look this is not just walking home sorry I just set us one out but you know your wife loves you a lot.

Is that so let me tell you this this woman here my wife lucky called her she liked me she write for me about me she told me she was steady only for me to find out after our wedding she’s 42 well maybe she did.

That because she she didn’t want to lose you oh really okay how about this she likes me about being a successful businesswoman first only for me to finance a game I love this whole thing she said we all blacks what can you say about that which wife would ever like to a husband what a complain why did you marry her because of the money I don’t have you know across in her all right I.

Had a course on her but for these days this is all tied down okay this is no longer there is none of me Hey look let me be honest with you okay this is a very huge decision I think you need to.

Think about this carefully you don’t make decisions like this in a haste is that so you know I’m not.

Beginning to notice something wrong here anybody else did she put you do this no you sure because obviously I’m I don’t get it you seem to forget that our sites mean your family.

Lawyer that I am your friend too oh and I really don’t want anything to come between you and your wife all right so I suggest you go home think this through and make a decision all right who do we have here if you can’t visit me today I’m really so surprised I want you to forget about the movement culture why because the man you have been talking to is my hospital your husband I never knew I’m sorry well I understand it in here I mean if you’re not charging up.
On that beam at my wedding and know my.

Husband I didn’t know I’m sorry I’m sorry it’s fine so now that you know I want you to forget about everything you guys discuss every plan because he is my husband well with all that I just have to think about it I mean sometime you need to.
Husband I need some time mister you need some time to read my husband mrs.
midget okuru my modeling career has nothing to do with your marriage I cannot believe you you’re my friend.

For God’s sake I was talking about my husband and my marriage yeah well I will just take it you.

Don’t know like you said it’d be perfect but the next time I talk about this again you will have me to contend with I talked to your husband the other day were you able to convince him he complained about 7 News like like you lying about everything you you lying about your age lying about your financial status.

You lied about being a really successful businesswoman only for him to find out after the way that it was all lies he’s gone I did not deceive him I told him my true age and I showed him my.

Friend I should worth and he said it.

Was okay honestly I think you know just going to resolve your differences he’s one course.

Of the conflicts between both of us he’s cheating on me yes I know.

That did you catch him in the act mm-hmm my nephew did he caught him going in and coming out with a lady a young lady a dance is that what you’re gonna do he’s cheating on you it comes on later times all right learn to trust your.
Husband Trust is the basic ingredient in.

Every relationship okay Barristan okay dude what what I would have done without you sorry come in doors open do I know you from somewhere I don’t think so what are you doing in my house.

Well I’m actually here to see you mrs. muted hey this is so beautiful nothing go your names I don’t understand unbuckles – no it’s just the best but it was across well now.

That sounds like you had all the fires of course I did your hearts cut out of once.

Are you in bed you crazy girl but don’t work your family okay and I love my wife anyway would you like to drink waiter come please max the markets and such an oh I’m so sorry I’ll put it up there is something very soon but I plan to some agency will get back to.

Me please my god please okay that’s good how about.

I take you on the treat the way all that special you know I don’t.

Say no to such a tempting offer okay let’s go man you want some orange I was that coming look at you hey welcome I’m fine are you fine oh come let me.

Introduce you to my husband properly honey makes my fair with a friend I know welcome see that I hope it wasn’t Hector I hope Jerry sauces this time I don’t even have much time anymore so it was fully addicted to it now you bring him down here does he know you’re here using my mind I.

Feel you should talk to him make him happy huh make him happy your best is just not enough try harder try harder have you thought about what we discussed the last time is 1/2 what was your is old know what else I’m tired I’m done with all of this so break it can’t.

Connect I’m tired I’m done okay so what out why don’t you touch.

Me to love me you love me right what all you do is knock knock knock do you see that don’t tell me you love me you keep accusing me of cheating Hey not only that even when it came to my life and yeah you are sitting down tell me you love me hey Mr Bond what do you know about lover Elsa me don’t you touch me talk your mouth I didn’t mean even it okay.

Listen I have no reason whatsoever to be in this marriage this whole thing I don’t you know why because everything about God just look at her face everything Baha our lives yes how she lied to me about our age oh yeah she lied to me about her financial state sauce but I caught a stick in the car loaded she is the girl everything about her Oh large same bag full of likes congratulations can you see this how can you cross.

First I’m sorry ah this marriage thing is.

Me okay so please tell her I want out please you can’t do this you what I’m touched me listen it’s pretty obvious your husband has made up his mind already upon this match okay so my best advice for you to this respect his decision let go no no way what a marriage is not by force.

I’m Maria by force unless you want to just plain here having fun since.

You claim to be you know you know to be filled with lots of money the money bad woman it to be a pleasure to see in court okay come on come.