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Tell us what your plan is we have an outline of it we’ll put up on the screen as you talk but tell us exactly which are what you’re adopting today you bet so as you know the Affordable Care Act is just not working for so many people premiums doubling access going down and so what the president’s been committed.

To is getting more options that are affordable available to people and what we are announcing today is the approval of short term limited duration plans these are plans that are individually underwritten by the insurance company so an individual does apply for them and they can cover various conditions.

They can be priced appropriately to whatever those to whatever is being covered and these were available during throughout the entirety of the Obama administration for up to 12 months and then right at the end of the.

Obama administration they clamp them down allowing only three-month coverage because they wanted to force people out of these cheaper options into.

The the the obamacare exchanges to try to shove people in there we are restoring these plans to be available for up to 12 months and we’re now allowing them to be renewable if the insurer and the individual agree for up to three years these can be 50 to 80 percent cheaper than Obama care exchange plans so this is a really important new option for. secretary it’s very difficult to argue with cheaper health insurance at the same time you get what you pay for and part of the reason it’s cheaper is because it covers.

Less things isn’t that correct so these.

Plans will be cheaper based on the individual underwriting and the the negotiations between the individual and the plan and they may not be right for everybody so the kinds of folks that I think these are most likely right for our people who are in transition between jobs the the.

Gig economy worker who’s an independent contractor and doesn’t have employer insurance the the person who’s got three part-time jobs with no employer insurance and the kid who’s headed from college to their first job and has a gap or maybe the person out in rural.

America who may have access to one Obamacare plan but it’s unaffordable or it.

Doesn’t have the hospital or doctors and network that they need people should go in with their eyes.

Open and that’s why we’ve actually put more stringent consumer protection controls and notice requirements in that even President Obama had when he had these limits right fair enough but just to be clear it’s just those consumer protection things are to disclose to the person that they’re not getting covered for as many things as they.

Would under an Affordable Care Act approved plan is that correct so they little that is part of the disclosure is that these do not qualify as essential health benefits and they may have caps on coverage and so people should go in with their eyes open but the days of us in Washington telling people the insurance that they have to have.
And want to have are over we’re giving these kind of options.

To people they need to choose they need to be in the driver’s seat we have confidence that individuals can make the right choices rather than just bureaucrats and ivory tower folks telling them what they ought to have fair enough but at.

The same time just to be fair the way insurance works is you want people with higher risks put together with lower risks by and large so that evens out of a time and isn’t part of the rationale for as you said forcing people into the other to make sure that we have a full complement of people in the plan as a practical matter might this not lead to people who have less risk and therefore they can afford less coverage beginning it separated out and therefore making the price go up or even.

There not be coverage for the people with greater health risks well that was actually the fundamental flaw of Obamacare in its original design was it was designed to over subsidize certain individuals at the expense of others and what happened was those people who were being asked to foot the bill so.

Extensively for other people fled the market so right now in the Obamacare exchange markets 87 percent of the people in those exchange markets are being subsidized by us we are effectively paying for their insurance or a large portion of it the people who are not getting their insurance bought from the bias have largely fled that market because they find it unaffordable it doesn’t meet their needs and they’re either uninsured or having to find other.

Vehicles and we’re just providing additional options for them I really don’t think that there’s a risk of people leaving.
Us buying insurance for them to take on these options.

These are for the Forgotten men.

And women the 28 million who’ve been left out by the false promise of the Affordable Care Act of not having affordable insurance not having access to different plans and choice and not having.

Access the doctors they wanted.