Last Minute Easy Purge Mask Halloween Makeup Tutorial

I saw Tina post this on her Instagram this is a hundred percent inspirational recreation credit goes to her not a very easy easy quick way to go about you know how to mean if it’s very last minute you can literally do this look and so easy because you can wear whatever you want you are all black which is.

Very sleek as well so the mask can pop out but yeah I’m so tired my back is killing me if you.

Want to see how I achieve this look and then we should go ahead and keep on watching I will leave all of Tina’s information Instagram YouTube all that good stuff before we get started please don’t forget to pick us before we get started please.

Don’t forget to press that subscribe button and the bow notification so you get notified every time I post a video let’s just go ahead and the first thing I’m going to be doing is laying down a base which is my.

Did prime prior to this video and I barely filled in my eyebrows as you guys can see I just left them natural because this is a mask makeup.

Don’t believe masks have really on fleek brows so I just decided to leave it natural but I’m going in with my Milani conceal and foundation I didn’t even bother it put concealer under my eyes because we’re going to be covering under the eyes anyways but I’m gonna go ahead and set that using the airspun translucent powder I know us girls can relate to this when you put powder on and it.

Gets all over your shirt and then you don’t even notice but when you do it’s like such a shocker I’m gonna go ahead and dip.

Into that Cyprus amber shade in the modern renaissance palette I’m taking this on a sigma and good brush and I’m basically just gonna go ahead and outline the mask when you get to get your area you want to make sure that you pop out the mask a little bit more so the cheekbones can look lift it up later sorry in advance if this voice no it’s kind of shitty because voice no voice over it is like five o’clock in the morning right now and everyone is sleeping so.

I’m trying to keep my self together but after I have the mask outlined I’m just gonna go ahead and.

Start shaping the mask in with that same shade and just buffing everything out and making sure that the lines aren’t as harsh and this is just gonna give like they look more definition as if there’s a real mask on your face like a shadow of a mask so now for the eyes I’m gonna take that same shade on the same brush and I’m basically gonna start by doing ovals on my eyes.

Like eye sockets I don’t know how to explain it but it’s very simple very easy you just outline it and then shade it in with that same exact color and boom there you go no lashes no.

Nothing no mascara just shade it in it’s super super easy I just know that when I do my Halloween tutorials I don’t practice like I don’t even care if things are even but once again if you do want things to be even then you have to be.
Very careful and take your time you might want to practice but as.

Care so I’m just gonna go ahead and do the nose it’s basically like contouring your.

Nose I just took a orange shade this time and now for the cheekbones which is the most part the most part the most important part about this look because it gives you the illusion that you are smiling so basically you just want.

To create a line from your ear to your nose and a trick you can have is like connected to.

Your nose so everything can just like match up but.

Basically I started shading in with Cypress number and then to blend that out I.

Would just want in with that orange shade I believe it was ‘roger I didn’t show it I forgot but I just blended it into that orange so we can just match the nose and then I did it on that side as well for the glossy and glares of the mask you’re gonna want to take a white eyeliner this is the NYX or white eyeliner and I just went ahead and did some.

Lines here and there to mimic a real mask so I did all my nose my cheeks but I really want the concentration I hope the slip is coming together and I’m gonna be very I like it basically is what I’m saying so now it’s time to do the mouth Oh guys this is why I’d say you might.

Want to practice because with the mouth because I didn’t practice it was trial and error this was the first way I did it I just took the jumbo Knicks eyeliner pencil in milk line to my lips and then.

I went in with that same liquid lipstick and white not liquid lipstick liquid liner in white and just tried to mimic his mouth and that was going to be the teeth and then I tried to take a lip.

Stick and just draw a top and bottom lip but that just wasn’t working out it.

Just came out so and even and I had no idea what I was doing but I did find a way that was very very easy I was running out of white eyeliner and the way I did the lips before which is the way the thumb now is is really really hard so I just wanted to come on here and tell you guys how to do the lips because it was very hard and I know if it’s hard for me and.

Some people out there aren’t as I don’t know how to say it without sounding like a bitch like I.

Want to basically want to show you guys an easier way because I struggled a lot.
With that and it was really really hard.

It like this I ended up coming back into my room and redoing the whole thing did this video like right.

Paint so I just basically put the white cream paint on my bottom lip and then the top lip bothers dried I basically just kept my mouth open on the top lip I put the Kat Von D low d lovely done.

Lipstick and then I also did a fake bottom lip which is really really easy all you got to do is take the applicator of the lipstick do a line and then at the end you take a really small eyeliner brush and you just flick it out and there goes your lips it’s.
So much easier to do it this way rather than to do.

Top and bottom like Tina did she has skills because I couldn’t and that’s how I did it it still gives you the optical illusion that you know you have that smiley face especially with this right here this you don’t want to forget which is like these smile lines so that basically just pushed the whole look.

Up and then you also want to add things to your chin and like white lines too to make it look like glossy and stuff so yeah I just wanted to come on here and tell you guys how I achieved the lips and if that is become clean look I.

Hope you guys enjoyed it this is gonna be my last makeup tutorial for Halloween I don’t know where time went basically that’s what happened time went by so fast that I didn’t even realize it’s about to be October 31st that’s that I love you guys and yeah I’ll just see you guys in my next video.