K Heatherly Personal Development Pp

I started in an in-home daycare part-time when I was six months old I was there until I was a year and a half then I went to a full-time daycare until I was four years old I went to pre-k before starting school when I was five I was an honor roll student throughout my educational career and took advanced.

Classes in high school I went on to.

Go to the University of Georgia where I graduated summa laude I.

Am now my master’s program trying to continue my education I grew up in North Georgia however I spent a lot of my time at my grandparents house in South Carolina this picture shows one of the many sheds my grandparents had on their.

Land my sister and I spent many summers and winters playing on their land we would ride our bikes around make mud pies climb trees and go four-wheeling at dinnertime my grandmother would make southern food like fried chicken and we always had sweet tea to drink we said yes ma’am and never talked back there was no cell.

Phone reception and there was only red one red light in the town I enjoyed spending time in their quiet little town mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36 I was six years old she had a double.

Mastectomy three years later it came back for a second time this time my mom had to go through chemotherapy and radiation this pictures of us in Gatlinburg Tennessee during her treatment she was so strong during her treatments and continued to live life I think that shaped me emotionally no matter what I’m going through I try to live my life to the fullest I grew up going to a.

Methodist church every Sunday while my parents went to the worship service my sister and I went to Sunday school in my teen years I participated in the youth group every Sunday night in my 20s I went to Africa as part of a mission trip it was a life-changing experience you growing up I was a cheerleader for a local football league we.

Wear the kennesaw generals later when I was around 10 I joined a competitive cheerleading squad we traveled around the country to compete we.

Even competed at Disney World in high school I was the team captain of the cheerleading team after all my years.

Of cheering I have fluid built up behind my knee caps I’ve had many nosebleeds from the girls falling during stunts also I have back pain from tumbling doing backflips growing up I had many friends at time some of the girls would be mean to me because I was friends with people they did not like I can remember in fourth grade when this picture was taken a popular girl in my class told me that if I was friends with a certain girl that she would not be my friend because that girl.

Was a loser I knew even at such a young age that I did not want others telling me who to be friends with I grew up in.

A middle-class family my parents are still married after 30 years I was fortunate enough to be able to never want for anything if I needed or wanted something within reason my parents provided my parents.

Got me a used car around my 16th birthday and paid for me to go to college I have a very close relationship with my family and I.

See them 3 to 4 times a week they have been one of the biggest influences in my personal development.