Nibiru Hitting Earth Secret, Information About Nibiru From Media 4th Nov 2018 – Must See!!!

You think that these people from all over the world that are sending me these images are using that photographic equipment you really think if they’re all less lens flares do you really think that we’re trying to deceive anybody what possible benefit could there be in trying to deceive somebody that a planetary systems coming our way think about these.

Things for a second with me we’re looking at things that we haven’t seen before and these are the kinds of things we.

Have never seen before orbs up in the corona sphere these are all new pictures by the way or objects in the corona store this is a clear sunny day this is using a very fisheye lens in order to see what was up there we’ve never seen stuff by the moon like this we’ve.

Seen we’ve seen objects by the moon throughout the last two years but never have we seen it this clear where we could clearly distinguish between what we were seeing as the moon and another two objects up there some people tell me that these are objects that have been predicted by Egyptian mythology we’ve never seen these types of.

You guys this stuff is shocking to me we have the shadow going across the lake from this object in the sky look at this orb over here by the ISS captured yesterday we’ve seen these things before slightly faintly but they get clearer every.

Single day here’s that same orb the same orb we see here was photographed in Australia here there’s another shot of it what about the two suns that we’re seeing everywhere and therefore photographing yeah some summer.

Lens flares I’ll admit but how do you explain something like that or how do.

You explain the weird odd things that are happening in space with our astronauts and with the ISS look at this huge did he drop something that just floated off into space I don’t know or what about what we’ve learned recently about refraction now and being able to defeat the lensing system will you go out and.

Fly this experiment will you actually take a mirror and project the light onto another surface to see what’s actually behind the Sun we’ve come up with the formula to defeat the lensing system let me prove it to you here’s a random photograph where we actually see this is.

Before this person took this photograph didn’t even know about this technique but basically because the water was there and it broke and slowed the lake down as star taught us yesterday or earlier we can actually pick up the objects that are up there remember when she took the.

45 degree and she just showed it on the black on a black reflective surface here of the samsung back of the samsung phone where you actually can slow the light.

Down and see what’s up there are you gonna try that experiment are you so skeptical you won’t even try or look is it cognitive dissonance here you go you can actually see the upper edge of this from another earth camp.

Same thing same thing so why do we even do this you know why do I even put up with this abuse that I have to take every single day leave this to.

Sun photograph look at the red blood moon that we just got from Arizona hi Kelly Kelly sends me these pictures all the time.

What about these two the orbs that we’re seeing I’m getting ready to show you a photograph that’s going to blow your mind these a year ago would have gone viral on the Internet is it because we’re like frogs in the.

Water here’s the picture I wanted to show you this is from the ISS you guys yep there it is there’s one of them anyway right so why do we even do this well believe it or not guys I’m compelled to tell you the truth about what’s going on in this.

World and what the whole reason for the signs and runners in the sky in the heavens that Jesus foretold was that we would be able to have time then to repent and come to our.

Senses when we started seeing this stuff in the sky understanding that our lives are temporary that this world is temporary.

Very temporary even anything you’re going through right now is temporary this is a stopping point for the human race it’s not our home for eternity you should know that and we’ve loud ourselves to get so wrapped up into this fear greed worldly loving the world that we forgot all about our spiritual heritage and the kings and priests that you’re meant to.

Be kings queens and priests of God sons and daughters of God and all God wants from us the father wants from us with these signs and wonders.

And the cleansing of the earth that’s coming is to bring his sons and daughters home so let me encourage you with something here I’m not showing you these things to be afraid I’m showing these things to you in hopes that you’ll recognize these are the signs that were promised and those signs were to lead you to a conclusion and to lead you to your knees of humility it’s not.

To be argued over what God is doing in the heavens the sign of September 23rd was exactly that it was the harbinger of the tribulation what does that mean.

Well it means that wickedness is going to end guys and it might not be very pretty and what you’ll need to understand is that you need to give your hearts totally over to the Father you need to return to the creator you need to love each other you need to forgive each other you need to forgive yourself it’s time to move into grace it’s time to move into love and peace that’s what these signs are meant to do.

Not to cause fear remember it’s temporary everybody that’s listening to me you will one day breathe your last breath.

So the fact that we have a disaster over the around the corner.

With this Planet X system isn’t the important thing the question.

Is are you ready god bless you Steve Olson WSL exposed Nibiru cover-up NASA withholding.

The truth about Planet X US Space Agency NASA is involved in a major cover-up over the threat posed by a mythical planetary system it has shockingly been claimed conspiracy theorists claim Nibiru.

Or Planet X is a huge planet with a vast orbit that will one day pass.

So close to Earth that its gravitational pull could wreak havoc on our planet triggering earthquakes and other catastrophic events Nibiru or Planet X believers claim it as it is currently heading towards the earth and is likely to.

Pass before the end of the year but NASA and world governments are desperate to keep it quiet to avoid mass panic the theory suggests that the global elite.