Trump Predictive Programming

What we’re gonna look at here is a few things with Donald Trump in an old interview he did all right I want you to notice his hands first as we play those I don’t see it now I wish that person were there I don’t know how much longer we have but again I of course he does his little.

An Illuminati masonic hand gestures with the 666 there anyways he does this quite often through the video but what’s more important something he’s about to say many people do not.

Understand this whole thing and I discussed it in earlier videos about Alice Bailey back a hundred years ago mainly.

P Hall and many others you know Albert Mackey who wrote a.

Masonic encyclopedia have discussed this almost awakening process to teach people into the mysteries it’s part of their plan so oftentimes we see all these mistakes they were intentionally done to wake people up to.

Wake people up and then leave them down these different paths and if you don’t understand what they’re doing here you need to hit the books again and understand what they are doing here.

You know one thing it’s not a question this country is losing hundreds of billions it’s not a question if it’s a question when it is going to happen it’s going to happen.

Drastically it there’s his little with.

His hands and he’s talking about the fall of the United States but why why and listen up it’s going to be dramatic and it’s gonna be horrible and I’ll tell you the other thing this country has always.

Reacted best under adverse conditions whether it’s Wars or anything else that’s what unfortunately we’re gonna wake up I’d like to see the country wake up long before that wake it up why is he talking about waking up all those years ago he’s talking about wake up everybody wake up they wake you up.

And then I see all these people go down the path of queue of mega of anonymous our Julian Assange and all these other people some connected with the Democrats some connected with the Republicans.

But what are they doing here if they’re all in the same club listen Mike Carlin said it is a big club and you’re not in it they are doing something here and if you don’t understand what they’re doing well you need to hit the books again an ominous prediction about hope in the future this is you.