Red Dead Redemption 2 – New Haircut And Clothes! – Part 16

You know one thing I admire about this game is that whenever you load up a game file it always puts you in this most cinematic masterpiece that it makes you feel like you’re playing in a movie and I know this is kind of a dumb start to a video or an episode better yet but I just wanted to.

Let you know how I felt about that so welcome back to another Red Dead Redemption 2.

Episode my friends today we continue with our buddy old pal Arthur Morgan alright and I think.

No I don’t think I know this is chapter 4 and we are now in saint-denis and right here as you can see we have a three Angelo Bronte which is uh we’re supposed to be doing here if we put it in correlation with the last episode trying to figure things out here in this big city as told by Dutch so let’s do it got me and my horse yeah thank God I was hoping that was not a.

There I would have feel real dumb oh nice you can hear the sound effects.

Of the horse on the ground on the pavements much difference move move out of the way lady I don’t have time for your nonsense ok I’m.

Out here trying to be a gangster outlaw and if you’re in my way you’re just gonna get killed so you’re lucky you got me in a good mood a’right just sayin alright so we’re here and supposed to investigate right let’s see investigate so Dutch needs you to ask around in public places for information about this man that is right all right so let’s start asking the people.

Of this big city hello okay well I guess it wasn’t there I guess it was in and it was in this corner store here I felt kind of oh.

Hey cowboy oh here we are in a.

Strange land of papists and rapists America’s very own Gomorrah their cities.

All of the same to me so how you get up I’ve been asking around about mr. Bronte what I’ve heard this establishment is our best lead but I haven’t had any joy in there so.

Far so I should just give it a shot I think so just keep it cool you know me I’ll meet you back here and I feel like I really need a haircut and a new swag feel like I’m playing with.

Jesus not that there’s anything wrong with Jesus I’m just saying i’ma head to the bar have a drink now everybody lookin around please mind your own damn business yes I told them I say that’s the state of the morn for you born and raised hmm well I’ll get you in a second now you get me right now I’m sorry please excuse me I.

Seem to have some very impatient custom everyone for.

Yourself – you question me I’m asking now leave it for it what do you mean leave it look I don’t know what business you read but.

Leave it free you and your power that was in here before Bronte Angelo Bronte mr. big miss Italian spaghetti eating long streak of piss big he makes my skin crawl why you cocksucker you know what I mean friend where can.

I find him oh well I reckon you talk to them kids in the alley don’t know I guess Oh a friend you be careful now sorry for eating this piece of ice here guys just.

Yes hey hey you drunk fucking scum wasn’t this just a guy that was giving me the info what the hell all right I like this town already sorry it sounds like I’m choking on a piece of ice here.

But let me just crush it down all right there we go all right so all right so how do we get to the alley.

I guess through here all right what the hell is this guy he seems to be a very well-respected individual have you seen any kids around this way yeah I think.

I heard a few in the other courtyard.

Up ahead you can get through on the left there thank you ma’am very timed individual.

Hey hey you got a cigarette mr. baby for a fellow named Angelo Bronte Italian I know him everyone knows him we’ll take you to him what Oh cause I reckon I can pay $5.00 where’s he live New York I’m an entrepreneur you don’t want to pay then I don’t want to walk come on Arthur some pay enough money man hey come.

On miss away let’s go mister you’re coming clean hmm no Sheehan Anakin you get lost around here come on then you new to the city missed it it’s pretty much don’t.

Worry no one knows it as good as me and Clete is that right hope he won’t meet his services but you got the doctor on the corner they’re nice enough fella that’s Barron Schreiber on the right they’re.

Famous bookstore not that I’m much of a reader myself now over he is a real piece of art that’s the Church of the Holy Blessed Virgin mr. model mama famous Church in Toulouse which is.

In France you’ve been to Toulouse mr. OH we’re Catholics here mister ain’t Baptist or Nothing my mama said.

They used to burn Protestants and all but uh they don’t have nothing so far where you come from mister look at them from steeple oh-oh-oh-oh I get just got robbed by so frickin jits man oh hell no no no no no no no where the hell’s my horse oh hell no oh hell dude come on man no stop it yo he just got robbed chase the kids all right these little shitheads yes we did he went around a corner there you know this kid I’m gonna.

Kick his ass I’m gonna beat him up.

Literally like I’m gonna beat him up if it gives me the option to beat him up i’ma whup his ass better you better learn not to mess.

With Arthur Morgan he obviously doesn’t know who the hell are therm Organists oh my goodness I’m a fucking shooters ass she searched the market for the kid.

Oh my god oh come on dude what is this shit I wish I could lasso.

Him give me back my stuff take me to.

Angelo protest and your Bronte kid was gonna show her before he robbed me you new.

In town mister come on mister bronty’s got a lot of friends mister.

But I ain’t never seen you we ain’t France you don’t like no one mister mr. Bronte he’s got fine hair he got a beautiful house and I am proud to work for him he got 50 men mister why are you gonna care a thing about you I just want to speak with I’m.

And them friends ears been asking about him all over town keepin mighty disrespected bunch of muddy Yankees in town asking questions well you and your.

Friend should pay him a visit mister he’s got a big house on flay the industry tops at the park hey yo ho now get out of here I don’t even know who they’re messin with fro they don’t know who they’re messin with I’m telling you they don’t know I’m Arthur Morgan I’m a gangsta with a hardcore G in it Gang Starr alright target though talking I’m gonna let.