Fake Fenty Beauty Foundation From Aliexpress, Dh Gate And The Wish App Real Vs. Fake

Hey guys what’s up candy here welcome back to my channel thank you guys so much for tuning in and today it’s the video I’m gonna be comparing and showing you all they don’t trash that these counterfeiters on wish are trying to pass off as 15 Beauty foundations so I’m very interested and checking out this mess that they have.

People buying then stay tuned I ended up getting 420.

Because that was the closest one that they had on the face the face do not have like all the shade ranges that the real.

Do it literally had like four or five one wish all right so I went on and I got these the fake this is the real this is the fake as you can see the fake.

Is way smaller than the real one and just the way that everything is printed on you can kind of see the difference pretty much everything on the box or was correct it is consistent with what the real one has except for the barcode number it’s off oh insert picture so you guys can see close-up part here is barely on this one because the.

Box is much smaller so yeah these are my two real safety.

Beauties this is the fake Fantine beauties it 420 so as you can see this fake is much smaller than the real now the fact you can be the obvious.

Difference on this one on the fake when it finishes shake well and all that jazz but on.

The real one it has pro filter and soft matte one wear.

Foundation and then the shake well.

And everything is at the bottom so also another big giveaway that this is an obvious.

Fake is number one not only is it smaller but it is in a plastic bottle and it is in a more round bottle where as Rowan has the four sides there’s the top and you can see just even in the bottle shape how it has the sides to it and this one is just a completely around the foundation bottle there’s an obvious difference in the caps if you guys impede the opening holes are totally different this one is more of a rectangular and this one has just a.

Push out the foundation with but there’s obvious.

Difference in the caps as well Oh first I’m going to put a little bit of my foundation my shake it up put a little bit of my foundation on my hand and this is the real and as soon as you put the real one on if you hold your hand.

It is very runny we all know that that is something that was talked about a lot when reviewing this is that it’s not a.

Super thick foundation however that’s fake way.

And it doesn’t really go anywhere yeah the fake one doesn’t really go anywhere it stays right in place and you know that’s a dead giveaway if you didn’t know and as you know so yeah I’m gonna just spread this around on my hand so you guys.

Can see the consistency and it feels like a lotion and it’s weird I really don’t want to put this on my face just because of the consistency of it and I’m.

Working on my good skincare and I don’t want to.

Get breakouts so yeah but this is what the consistency is it doesn’t really cover much of anything that’s almost like a BB cream or a lotion or something it’s a really thick there’s not much coverage at all so yeah even.

If you wanted to just play around with a fancy but it would do it’s really not worth it and it’s not worth breaking out just in so.