Android Pie Beta 6 – Get Nightscape On Your Oneplus 6!

Oh great news if you’re a 1 plus 6 user the Android Pi beta 6 is now available for you to download right now so on plus 60 software features including the new nightscape camera option are all now usable hey there is Damien here for 95 Google and I’m going to show you what’s changed in the latest 1 plus.

Beta update so in terms of usage the oxygen OS Android Pi beta 6 includes a few light changes and one new major inclusion the new nightscape camera feature as found on the new 1 plus 60 you’ve probably already become accustomed to the gesture style navigation method but it’s a minor update for smoother transitions and animations.

To fit in line with the 1 plus 60 I found there is a little more bounce and it feels a tiny bit smoother as do the animations when you enter the multitasking mode swiping across a pill seems to have less inertia and seems a little more fluid in motion all great new additions but it does feel much smoother and more eased.

When quickly switching back between your most recent apps one major update is now the inclusion of the night scape mode found in the newer one plus 60 which of course is found in the camera application we will have a more thorough test of this in the coming days and we’ll even pick.

The one plus 6 against the 1 plus 60 to see if there’s any improvement between the two devices the best thing is it’s not hard to find it’s right there in the camera app and it detects when there is less light in the scene before making adjustments based upon the light settings outside the camera the gallery.

Includes a few improvements including the ability to swipe down when previewing images to return to the all images screen which makes the whole new navigation method seem that little bit more cohesive and finally the other notable update is the improved and actually quite impressive about phone screen.

It includes a neat little thumbnail of your device and it has more of an organized look and feel all things considered if you’d like to download the Android Pi Beta 60 or one plus 6.

Device then if you are part of the preview program then you should get a notification in the next couple of days there will also be a link to the full guide found in the notes in the video description along with the direct link once that becomes available to the data file that you’ll need beyond that be sure to visit 95 google.

More exclusively Google and Android related content and subscribe for more content like coming on a regular basis but with all that being said I’d love to know what you think do all these changes make the upgrade from the six to the sixty even worthwhile by all means put a comment in the comment section below and I.

Will start a conversation down there with you two.

Anyway with all that being said thank you very much for watching I’ve been doing 495 Google and I will speak to you later you.