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Hello friends I’m Ashwin the rocket from aloha technology I have shown how to localize our Android app with different languages that means how to add multiple languages in our Android projects so let’s start with basic concept of localization localization is the process of rendering the content of your app into other language customizing your app for each target market.

That you wants to support in this video see basic steps for Android localization with Android studio step number one first of all create new Android studio basic project with the name.

Of localization demo choose one empty activity click on app folder in the source folder choose values me then click on string XML file this will be this will be the default string resource.

File where you will declare all your text Java and XML app name is already exist as a string resource so next I will.

Add one textview first of all change this layout this text you the hollow word is the default is having change this welcome to Android I can save the bit size 24 SP and this said this text is city’s center so Center horizontal loop also set margin top 10 me so this is takes to a dinner and grow it fruit it one more thing I will explain how to directly add hard-coded string.

Our hat this is this hard-coded string juice extract.

String resource so show one pop-up resource name resource values so first set resource name I will change XD title this is my research.

Value welcome to Android click OK and directly add this resource file welcome to Android now our project is ready for localization let us start localizing by adding new language right click on default string dot XML in the project panel then right click then click open translations editor click on this option open a translation editor on translation editor.

Tab click on the upper lip blue globe this is this globe click this is add.

Icon to add any languages that you that’s that you want so I am adding Hindi string file indistinct file I will add it in our project is ready Hindi file shows in values under string this is our default string file and.

This is Hindi string file this text also add in our Hindi string file that Lee paste and change this welcome to Android converted into in the language I have open google google translator and paste welcome to and royal convert in hindi android may obscure swaggity this text is copy and add my hindi string file okay and run our project bragnae up cash.

Poverty no this is this is all simulator simulator language is Hindi – was showing Hindi text localization demo I will change the setting with change language safe language is English then I click convert our single editor so the emulator is English then open our app our app name.

It’s gone over to English it’s so simple so guides you can add multiple string files in your project and our app to internationalize thanks for watching my video please subscribe our channel and like share see you again my next video thank you.