Joy Sports Today (24-10-18)

Sanfur the latest in the world of sports and my name is Abigail sinasu sue Ghana awaits an official announcement from Algeria to be named host of the 2023 all African games a final presentation was made today bid bid committee representatives on Monday in the northern African country just was Barberton Doha the rest of the details at the time.

Sports consultant a leader of Ghana’s VIP committee Rex Tonkawa was ready.

To miss the representatives of the African Union the African.

Union Sports Council and the association of National.

Olympic Committee’s of Africa Anoka on Monday morning other competing countries had dropped their bids.

Leaving Ghana as the sole candidate for that day Egypt’s nearly Costas layer in Ghana’s way at the last minute stating that’s just like the other counterparts Equatorial Guinea Ghana could end up withdrawing Ghana through Rex Tonkawa had to fight tooth and nail to have Egypt surrender in the end Cameroon Nigeria Congo Dr Botswana and Algeria all through their weights behind Ghana an official announcement.

On the winner of the bid to host and organize the 2023 games will be made tomorrow Thursday October 25 in the event of Ghana’s bed being accepted by the African Union Commission the African Union sports console and the Anoka all of Africa will converge in the Kenyan cities of a car Kumasi aren’t a.

First for the 30th edition of the all Africa games was a little over 25 days to host the 11th edition of the Africa woman championship chairperson of the local organizing committee of the 2018 total woman’s Afghan frida temper feels fulfilled.

Data for the first time the draw head of the women’s football event has been held in the host country Ghana hosted a draw ahead of the November 17th to December 1 events here in the nation’s capital which coincidentally is one of the two venues for the competition Ghana was drawn against Algeria Mali and Cameroon in Group A on freedom Empire could not hide her joy that finally we were able to do the draw in Ghana what happened are not the draw so.

Money that outside the host country but for us as women we’ve.

Been able to use our lobbying skills together draw to the young as part of our publicity drive and I’m happy that we have all of you a whole lot of people here I’m surprised because there are channels there would be yes see but I’d want them to come to the stadium in their numbers as they came.

Tonight okay and contractors working.

On all infrastructure earmarked for the women’s of corn I expected to hand over their projects to the local organizing committee by Friday October to insists this is according to the local organizing committee chairperson Madame freedom MP we are very close as you can see the cup officials are me here for the past one.

Week they’ve really guided us through the last bits of everything so by the end of next week Friday all the contractors will be handed over and the road resets for the tournament so we are very much okay we are very set for the tournament.

Attracts ahead of us onto some club football now in Kumasi Asante Kotoko has officially petitioned the normalization committee to allow the MER peasant Ghana in next year’s cough Confederations.