Becoming An Independent Consultant For Paparazzi Accessories!

Hi there my name is Danielle and I’m a paparazzi independent consultant I just want to come on I talked about becoming a consultant and what that all entails I started my journey about a month after witnessing my mom’s success she made about twelve hundred dollars in one month yes so I was like yeah sign me up please I.

The two that I’ve been applied to sitting for about seven plus years and as you can see I’m in my hotel room in Denver and I you know go on so many adventures that I was like how could I get paparazzi to pay for these so.

I can go more often essentially so yeah it was like a no brainer for me plus I’m a big big fan of jewelry and accessorizing and all that and it was kind of a natural fit for me however just so you know you do not need to be a big jewelry person in order to sell paparazzi jewelry there are a lot of top.

That were not jewelry people they fell in love with the product.

And they’re able to sell it and it helps supplement their income so you know just have that in mind it’s not a prerequisite okay so there are what you do is start off with there’s.

Three boxes that you get in their starter kits and when I say kit I mean kit they give you everything you need to set you up for success one starts at $99 the other one is that $2.99 I chose the $99 one you get 35 pieces of determined jewelry you cannot pick your jewelry but it has to be predetermined jewelry you do not pick.

Your jewelry for that box however all the pieces are great I.

Have sold out of all of my original pieces already so if they sell it’s not just you know stuff that you’re like oh it’s a gonna sell yeah.

They definitely sell they are gorgeous pieces also you get a party planner book you get.

Invoices you get loyalty cards thank-you cards you also get host invitation cards lots of things everything you need to start your business and it’s and lots of advice and help that’s all you get throughout the whole process you’re a part of a group it’s called an upline and all of those people are always there to help you any questions you.

Need answered Facebook presence on there he’d always call the office and really just get guidance and you know things like that so I’ve had nothing but a positive experience so far with paparazzi accessories.

So I definitely encouraged people to join sign up so what we do is we buy the jewelry at a wholesale price and we sell it for $5 they get a 45 percent profit off of that also you stand to make commissions as well we can talk about that more in detail if you would like to contact me and.

Get more information about that you know I definitely have gained a newfound confidence being in this business I’m inherently a shy person and a little private so it was kind of cool just being able to step outside my box and I think it’s just going on Facebook live and having to approach people and give my business card and let hey you know.

You look like you you like jewelry here you go you know or just two random people and I’m not as shy about that anymore it’s the craziest.

Thing my thing has always been I hate to bother people and it was they tell me no I’m like okay you know so so sometimes I wouldn’t even approach them but now I’m just like approaching everybody I don’t even care where I’m at what I’m doing I’m like here you go girl here’s a card for you so yeah I mean this is for men and women to sell just so we’re clear and and my mom signed up a guy one.

Of her guy friends and you know to get him started so it’s for everybody let me just tell you okay so you know just don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and don’t be worried about judgment or anything like that you know but this business is what you put into it you.

Know do we have six and seven figure earners in this company we just got our first millionaire in this company so like I said you put in the work you’re gonna get results you can work events it’s not just going live on Facebook but you could also work events as well I did an event at a church where I was able to sell my my jewelry there and you know if you can’t afford to get yourself in some of these trade shows or whatever you.

Churches there’s you know hey can I leave my flyer at your nail salon that sort of thing again pounding the pavement don’t be afraid to do that if you’d like more information on becoming an independent consultant becoming my.

Business partner feel free to contact me my email address is danielle paparazzi 5 at gmail.

com that’s the number 5 I also put all of my contact info into the description at the bottom as well as my social media sites feel free to contact me once again if you’re not interested to become an independent consultant but maybe you know somebody that would you know makes them like.

To make some extra money feel free to have them contact me for free you feel free to share this video with them and we could talk more in detail about how it all works and the numbers and all that stuff so thank you for watching you guys like I said contact me like share and subscribe to my channel as well as share this with anybody you never know who’s looking to make extra money and just waiting for an opportunity to come.

Their way thank you I will talk to you soon.