Google Vs. Facebook Internships: Where Should You Work?

Google and Facebook. Which Fortune 500 company would you rather intern for? Assuming that you’re picked from the tens of thousands of internship applications Google and Facebook receive every year, of course. Even if you are lucky enough to be considered, be prepared for some mind-boggling interview questions like, “How many balloons fit inside of San Francisco?” or “What can Facebook do in order to improve and expand its user-base, particularly with the elderly?”

With so many people vying for the limited positions, why should you bother trying to get an internship with either Google or Facebook? For starters, they’re paid — on average, Google pays their interns an annual salary of $77,184; Facebook’s interns receive $74,700 for their hard work. And according to this infograph produced by The Internet Marketplace, company perks include free meals, free Android devices, free iPhones, free laptops, free massage services, concierge services, access to nap pods, video game days, and unlimited sick days.

google vs facebook internship

So, Google or Facebook?

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